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Model Car Sites "craftlab"
Seoul, KOREA
Off-road, Monster truck web site
Model Car Sites #1 Tips For RC Trucks
Find information on nitro vs electric remote control trucks, rc monster trucks and stadium radio controlled trucks. Reviews include the HPI Savage 21 and Traxxas T Maxx.
Model Airplane Sites 'A' Mountain Aeroplanes
Tucson, AZ
Pictures from the 'A' Mountain slope soaring site in Tucson, Arizona.
Model Car Sites 008 Best Racing Buggy 1/8 Scale
Turin, ITALY
1/8 best racing buggy, all about hop up & testing, all modyfies & tricks.
Model Airplane Sites 1/12 Scal Warbirds
Kaneohe, HI
is hoped that this site will provide information and enjoyment to those who are interested in 1/12 scale combat.
Model Car Sites 1/8th and 1/10th Scale Track Racing in Belgium 'Gas On-road' is probably one of the most spectacular diciplines in radio controlled car racing today.
Model Car Sites 12THSCALE.COM 12th scale is the fastest, and most reflex intensive form of radio control racing. The scale speeds and performance of these cars would rival that of Formula 1.
Model Airplane Sites 1997 Northern California Pattern The main purpose of this site is to update the pattern community on the events in Nor Cal Pattern.
Model Airplane Sites 1st U.S. R/C Flight School David A. Scott, the worlds most experienced Professional R/C Flight Instructor could be your instructor for a week!
Model Sailplane Sites A site created by Pascal du Bois d'Enghien
Pictures, descriptions of my hobbies,...
Model Car Sites A+ Tag's R/C Website
Northridge, CA
Featuring New Kyosho inferno MP-6 1/8, lots of links, message boards, 1/10 , 1/8 car infos.
Model Car Sites AAAH-ToddZilla's R/C Monster Trucks
kaysville, UT
Imagine an R/C Monster Truck,Just like the real monster trucks only smaller, But in this hobby everyone can enjoy the thrills of Monster Trucks whether its electric or nitro the fun is only limited to YOUR IMAGINATION! And Join R/C Monster Truck Web Ring!
Model Rocket Sites ARIANE 4 scale models - full functional & details
Two full details, three stages models of Ariane 4 LP (1:50 and 1:40 scales).The models are soundly and accurately constructed, the stability was checked and are ready for first three stages flight with special effects - boost detaching, interstage separation, etc
Model Airplane Sites Aaron's Homepage My Radio Control Airplane Page
Model Car Sites Aaron's Page This is my page for any R/C entusiasts that need help or just want to find another person who understands why we spend so much money on these little speed demonds.
Slot Car Sites Aaron's Slot Car Racing Directory and Search Engin
Slot car shops, raceways, clubs, personal pages, news on events, championships, clubs, promotions and more...
Model Car Sites About RC Vehicles
Site includes reviews, articles, tips, tricks and how to's, plus discussion forums and swap & sell
Model Car Sites Absolute GT!
Columbus, OH
Meucci is at it again with Tip's, Pic's, Video's, and Link's all about the Team Associated RC10GT!
Model Airplane Sites Advanced Aircraft Concepts
Sunnyvale, CA
Builder and Designer of Large Scale Radio Control Aerobatic and Pattern Aircraft. $1000.00 building fee.
Model Airplane Sites Adventure with the Huras The following information is merely my own experiences with R/C flying, however, throughout this document there are several links to vast information from knowledgeable people on Radio Controlled Flying and related topics.
Model Helicopter Sites Aerial Photography
Low altitude Aerial photography in Australia
Model Helicopter Sites Aerial photography
Low altitude Aerial photography in Estonia
Model Airplane Sites Aerobatic R/C Aircraft and Scale helicopters Kit reviews on giant scale radio control airplanes, R/C planes, R/C helicopters
Model Airplane Sites Aerobatics Information Andrew Palmer and John Paisley will be providing a limited amount of information on Radio Control Model Aerobatics (both pattern and IMAC) as well as some Full Size Aerobatic Info via this web page.
Model Airplane Sites Aeromodelimo en chile (Valdivia)
Valdivia, CHILE
Videos, Fotos, Tecnicas, Diccionario de vuelo
Model Airplane Sites Aeromodeling I am going to introduce you to my favorite hobby; aeromodeling! Yes, I love to: build, fly, cover, and watch. I think this hobby is very entertaining and a very educational one too.
Model Sailplane Sites Aeromodelisme Radiocommande
Fabrègues, FRANCE
Site more particularly dedicated to the sailplane with the towing and the electric flight, but the plane and the helicoptère are also decrits.
Model Helicopter Sites Aeromodelismo in Spanish
Web site for spanish people about Airplanes and Helicopters.
Model Airplane Sites Aeromodelismo radiocontrolad en el Peru
Lima, PERU
RCPERU.COM, un lugar creado para promover la practica de este fascinante hobby radiocontrolado en el Perú.
Model Airplane Sites Aeromodelling This page will give you a little bit more knowledge about the world of aeromodelling, specifically remote control!
Model Airplane Sites Aeromodelos - Ribeiro's Home Page My page is about airmodels ( R/C ) and is written in Portuguese. It includes photos, impressions, projects and other airmodels tips.
Model Airplane Sites Ahmet Onat's R/C pages
Istanbul, TURKEY
Keyence Gyrosaucer, 1995 World R/C champs at Kasaoka, Japan.
Model Airplane Sites Aircraft Images Archive JPEG-format images were once (back in 1992) posted anonymously on Usenet.
Model Airplane Sites Airfield Five years ago is when I started my venture into the world of R/C aircraft. Thanks to a great instructor and fellow club members of the Flying Electrons Inc. Club I had made pilot after a couple months.
Model Airplane Sites Airfield Models
, FL
A site devoted to model-building, particularly R/C aircraft. How-to's and tutorials, information about R/C engines, model-building tool information and much more information that will be useful to all model-builders.
Model Helicopter Sites Alex's Helicopter Home Page Excellent award wwinning Helicopter site from Brasillia, Brazil.
Model Car Sites All About RC Cars and Trucks
Guide to electric and gas powered remote control carsand trucks, mini rc cars, radio control cars and rc toys. Informed and honest reviews for the beginner hobbyist.
Model Car Sites All Things R/C Car Racing On-Road 1/12th and 1/10th scale racing. Many Tech Articles' on batteries, motors and other things like cutting comms and dynos.
Model Airplane Sites All about Guppys This site includes detailed photos of contructing a model of the Guppy.
Model Railroading Sites Almosta Junction Online For over six years, one of northern Utah's large-scale model railroading hot spots. During the summer months, trains are often found passing through the small town of Almosta, UT.
Model Airplane Sites Alvin's R/C On-Line
Mobile, AL
I have built and flown Radio Control Models for many years. As a member of "Azalea City Model Aeronautics" here in Mobile, Al., I am able to enjoy the hobby with a great group of fellow R/C nuts.
Model Airplane Sites Alvins' RC OnLine
Mobile, AL
Radio Control flying adventures in Mobile, AL, USA.
Model Boating Sites Amorella Gallery This "model" of Viking Line's passenger/car ferry was modelled by me, Tommi Rotonen, in the beginning of 1996.
Model Helicopter Sites Apocalypse Leon
RC Helicopter with BB gun and rocket launcher.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Armor Group West HQ Radio Control Large Scale Military Vehicle Modeling
Model Airplane Sites Art of R/C Aerobatics This Site is for all those who Quest for the perfect Loop, Roll and Figure Symmetry
Model Car Sites Associated RC10GT Brake System
St. Petersburg, FL
New brake system for the Associated RC10GT. Totally Different From the rest. Works better, more consistent and last much longer.For racing applications.
Model Helicopter Sites Ataman's Heli Page
In Turkey model helicopters are very new. But there is small group of friends who are working on that subject very hard and fast.
Model Railroading Sites Athabasca System Welcome to the Athabasca System, an N-scale model railroad that I began building in 1990. During September of 1995 the layout neared completion and I began to write magazine articles and produce photographs about the layout for a leading hobby journal called "N-SCALE".
Model Car Sites AutoWebadas
All about R/C model car racing in Spain. Primarily in spanish, with some pages in english. History of R/C cars. How to begin. Circuits, races and calendars. Tricks and projects. Different cars and scales. Results and champions, national and international. Some real race sequences in RealVideo.
Model Car Sites Automodelismo RC 1/5 Competición
Web dedicada en exclusiva a la modalidad Gran Escala 1/5.
Model Car Sites Avery's R/C Car Projects This is a private web site related to my interests. Primarily, the site will contain information and pictures related to my RC Car passion.
Model Car Sites B3 Master's Offroad R/C Page Now I have RC10B3 that I recently upgraded after getting the B3 conversion kit for Xmas by my girlfreind. This car handles better than the B2 and even better than the XXcr! it is incredible on the bumps. I run threw bumps at full speed even better than trucks!
Model Helicopter Sites BK117 - RC model
Site completely dedicated to the building of a scale BK117 model. All VARIO stuffs
Model Airplane Sites Bayou Boys R/C
Kenner, LA
Professional aircraft builders site with lots of pics and pages of building tips and construction photos.Still building,adding daily.
Model Airplane Sites Bayou City Flyers
Model Airplane Sites BeNeLux Slowfly and Parkfly
Antwerp, BELGIUM
BeNeLux Slowfly and Parkfly PORTAL
Model Airplane Sites Bealeton IMAA Fly Inn
Bealeton, VA
Bealeton IMAA Annual Fly In
Model Airplane Sites Ben's R/C Home Page This is a page for my dedication to R/C planes!!!!
Model Airplane Sites Bienvenue Site about Electric Airplanes (French)
Model Rocket Sites Big Bang Rocketry
Belfast, ME
Talk about rockets
Model Airplane Sites Big Jim's R/C Aircraft Page Great for the complete novice. Information and photos of radio controlled airplanes, gliders, and helicopters.
Model Railroading Sites Big Red's Model Railroading Web Site If you're interested in Lionel, Weaver, MTH, Williams or other "O" gauge trains this is the place for you!
Model Railroading Sites Big Red's Model Railroading Web Site
Westport, CT
A Place to Enjoy "O" Gauge Railroading. If you're interested in Lionel, Weaver, MTH, Williams or other "O" gauge trains this is the place for you!
Model Airplane Sites Big Suff UK This site is intended to further the interest in building and flying "Model Scale Aircraft", Particularly "Large Scale".
Model Helicopter Sites Bill Ludwig's Heli site I've only been flying r/c helicopters since January, 1998 - still a lot to learn! Check out the pages below for knowledge gained to date.
Model Helicopter Sites Bill Ludwig's Heli site
Tucson, AZ
Site devoted to Model Aviation and especially to RC Helicopters
Model Airplane Sites Bill's Radio Control Models I have been in and out of the hobby since the early 80's. Right now I am very much in. My interests lie mostly in scale models.
Model Railroading Sites Bob Clews' Railway Pages My site contains an introduction to the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers, a short description of the Hampton Loade Paddock Garden Railway, some railway photographs and links to other railway related sites.
Model Helicopter Sites Bob's Heli Pad WELCOME TO ROB'S HELI PAD.....a no-frills, no-nonsense URL dedicated to the advancement of R/C helicopters.
Model Railroading Sites Bob's Home Page I like trains and this page will often talk about or show trains of some type.
Model Airplane Sites Bob's Radio Controlled Airplane Page I have been building and flying radio controlled airplanes for over 3 years. I started with a simple trainer called the Hobbieco .40 ARF (almost ready to fly).
Model Helicopter Sites Bobs Helis
A Collection of my models
Model Car Sites Bogbloke & Kirky's 1/10 Scale Buggy
Model Helicopter Sites Boom Strike
Dickinson, TX
Primarily dedicated to RC helicopters but also carries links to other RC related sites. Also houses newsletters from the Manned SpaceCraft Center Radio Control Club at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas.
Model Airplane Sites Boomer's Electric Flight Home Page This Web Site is for those persons that would rather design their own r/c airplane, fabricate the balsa parts and build something different then opening a box and following instructions.
Model Car Sites Brandon Koeth R/C Racing Hi, my name is Brandon Koeth. I have been R/C Racing for four months. I race an RC10B3 off-road buggy and I also have a Traxxas Rustler stadium truck and an MRC/Academy SP3 Extreme direct drive on-road car.
Model Airplane Sites Brett's Slope & Power Here you'll find information and pictures on the subject of my favorite hobby- flying radio controlled airplanes.
Model Boating Sites Brian's R/C Hydroplane Page What is nearly four feet long, two feet wide, weighs between ten and twenty pounds, and is capable of speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour?
Model Airplane Sites Bryan's Model Aviation Site
Hi, I'm Bryan Mole, I live in Winterton, North Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. My hobbies include radio control model aircraft flying, mainly large petrol engined models, I an a display pilot flying round the country at most of the large aircraft shows.
Model Car Sites Bud's R/C Menu I am not an avid racer but I like to race my friends in the street in front of my house. I have a few pictures on this page.
Modeling Related Software Building A Club Web Page You've noticed a lot of R/C Clubs are taking advantage of the Internet with their own web pages, and since your club doesn't have one, you've decided they should. We have seen a lot of club web pages and have also built a few. In doing so have we've learned a few things that we'd like to pass on to you, in the hopes it'll help your club end up with a site that's professional and desirable one to visit.
Model Airplane Sites Building the Ziroli P-38
This site documents the construction of the Ziroli P-38.
Model Airplane Sites Cabarrus R/C
Mt. Pleasant, NC
Personal R/C Pic website of club I am a member of.
Model Airplane Sites Caesar's Air Trails My name is Cesare de Robertis and I was born somewhere in Italy in 1954. I built my first and obviously unsuccesful model when I was 11.
Model Car Sites Cameron's R/C page Good site with buy/sell, pics, links, tips and tricks and tons more
Model Boating Sites Camoesas
Válega - Ovar, PORTUGAL
design and construction of r/c model hovercrafts at Portugal since 1991.
Model Car Sites Can2s R/C web Page
Lots of tips,tables,files,pics and optional parts
Model Car Sites Carl's R/C Car Home Page A R/C page with lots of pictures, links, and info on Assocciated and Losi cars and trucks.
Model Car Sites Carlos' Homepage of Fieros and R/C Carlos' page shows info on his models and his other iterests.
Model Rocket Sites Carsten Glans High Power Rocketry Site
A swedish site by Carsten Glans about model rocketry and HPR (High Power Rocketry).
Model Railroading Sites Central Iowa Railroad
Dallas-Fort Worth
The Central Iowa is a fictitious railroad loosely based upon the Rock Island railroad, as well as the Iowa Central railroad. The hypothetical route of the Central Iowa is pretty much that of the Rock Island's Chicago to Omaha main line and Twin Cities to Kansas City ``Spine Line''.
Model Rocket Sites Centuri Memories Return to the glory days of model rocketry, before endless plastic three-fin-and-a-nose-cone me-too rockets; but an era when the skies were ruled by fantasy kits that looked as quick as a tachyon and as etheral as a science fiction day dream.
Model Airplane Sites Charlie Weiland's Personal Web Site A personal website that has a lot of good things about RC airplanes
Model Helicopter Sites Chris' Page A page about Model Helicopters
Model Car Sites Chris's R/C Racing Page For those of you who don't know what R/C (Radio Controlled) racing is, it is a VERY competitive sport in which you control cars that are smaller ( 1/10th scale, 1/12th, etc.) than the real ones but perform in some of the same ways. In that same way you have to compete with aerodynamics, weight, etc.
Model Railroading Sites Chris's Railroad Corner I have been heavily into model railroading since 1990 (and before that, when I was a kid and into Triang's "OO" scale trains). I subscribe to Kalmbach's Model Railroader magazine and I'm a big time George Sellios (Franklin and South Manchester) fan.
Model Airplane Sites Christian Steinmann's RC airplanes page
Pictures and desccriptions of my models: Fokker DVII,Focke Wulf 190A, Piper PA 18, Bleriot III Slow Flyer, Diablotin 3D, Malibu. And also featuring the 300g Fokker D7 with full RC equipment and 24" wingspan!
Model Airplane Sites Chuck's Radio Control Hangar
Morganton, NC
Dedicated to building and flying R/C aircraft with "How To" articles for the beginner. Personal photo album of my R/C projects with links to the full scale aircraft.
Model Airplane Sites Chuck's Radio Control Model Home Page This is my radio control web page where I can show off all my Radio Control airplane & helicopter models and R/C related information.
Model Car Sites Cincinnati R/C
Cincinnati, OH
Information on R/C car and truck racing, clubs, and events in the Cincinnati, OH area.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Clay's Home Page A collection of R/C cars and airplanes.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Clay's R/C Newsletter Ink! The newsletter editor for most R/C clubs is overworked and under appreciated. He or she gets little copy from the members, and must rely on other sources. -Good technical articles are in short supply, as are digitized cartoons. -This page is intended to help. . . . **Much more stuff coming!** . . . Clay
Model Car Sites Clint's R/C Page If you want info on the 'B3, if you want the biggest FAQ, links list,if you want games,PICS, and if you want MORE.... then you have come to the righ place!
Model Airplane Sites Coastal Planes
Morehead City, NC
Coastal Planes promotes and showcases the R/C flying clubs of Eastern North Carolina.
Model Airplane Sites Come Park Fly
Everything to do with Park Flyers! Video, Pictures, Forums, Simulators & lots more,
Model Airplane Sites Compass Aero Pages
United Kingdom
U.K Model And Full Size Flying Events.
Model Car Sites CompetitionX
TONS of information to help you purchase, tune, and race your R/C vehicle!!!
Model Airplane Sites Control-line Model Airplanes Before laying out a big chunk of change for a R/C model airplane, you might want to check out control-line model airplanes or U-control as it is sometimes called.
Model Rocket Sites CoolRocketry
Tinley Park, IL
A little bit of everything about rockets. A large high quality picture area.
Model Airplane Sites Cord's R/C Model Electronics Describes projects using the PIC-Microcontroller for R/C purposes.
Model Airplane Sites Coro
Comprehensive site with coverage of all aspects of correx ( corflute) plastic sheet, r.c. model construction. Mugi style and SPAD.
Model Rocket Sites Cow2's Rocketry site
Naperville, IL
A cool rocketry site devoted only to rockets. Please help me out and click on Rugged Rockets.
Model Airplane Sites Crash's Model Aviation Page Popular Personal Airplane page
Model Car Sites Crazy 4 RC
San Pedro, CA
Our site is a place that we can share information about places to run our RC Trucks in addition to links and as photos of places that we have gone RC'ing. Father and Son Maintained.
Model Airplane Sites Crestview Model Aviators
location unknown
Slot Car Sites Custom Ho Slot Car Services
Gibsonburg, OH
This is a site for custom body and chassis work to all manufacturers of ho slot cars
Model Airplane Sites Custom pilot figure for your RC planes
So San Francisco, CA
If you are looking for custom pilots or weird looking pilot for your R/C plane this is your site. Can do any pilot bust in any scale to look like you or anyone you like.
Slot Car Sites CyberSlot The Place To Be When It Comes To Slot Car Racing On The Internet!!!
Model Car Sites Daddys RC10GT Brake System
St. Petersburg, FL
Brake system for the Associated RC10GT. Totally Different From the rest. Works better, more consistent and last much longer. This is a total brake replacement for the Associated RC10GT, Not just an add on. (For racing applications)
Model Car Sites Dan's R/C Car World This page focuses on gas powered R/C cars.
Model Airplane Sites Dan's R/C Page My name is Dan Olson and I have been interested in airplanes ever since I first flew in my Grandpa's airplane, a Taylorcraft L-2M (the "M" stands for military, it was used as a liason airplane during World War 2).
Model Car Sites Dan's R/C Page Here's my homepage dedicated to R/C truck racing and my RC10T3. Here you will find various information on R/C racing, My truck setup, R/C news, and R/C Links.
Model Railroading Sites Dan's Railroad Site Over time I plan to make this site my resource for Model Railroading information on the Web as well as a place where I'll keep all my own railroad related content.
Model Boating Sites Dans R/C Boat Pond This is my personal page. It contains a lot of pictures of my boats and other rc boat related stuff that I have made.
Model Airplane Sites Darryl Seering's Hangar Photos and reviews of several of Darryl's R/C planes. A member of the Belleville R/C Flyers (BRCF), Darryl has been involved in R/C since 1986. A map to the BRCF field is included.
Model Airplane Sites Dave Surace RC Hompepage
How I got started in the hobby. Planes include Clancy Aviation's Speedy Bee and Lazy Bee, Hobby Lobby's profile Mustang, and Paul Swanson's Fat Free Taco.
Model Airplane Sites Dave's R/C Airplane Page Here are a few of the planes I've had.
Model Airplane Sites Dave's R/C Page I've been flying R/C planes for 10 years and belong to FLY-A-WAYS R/C Club located in Beaverton, Oregon. I'm an Airplane JUNKY and attend most of the Airshows in the Pacific Northwest.
Model Helicopter Sites Dave's Rotor Page I have been flying model airplanes for over 20 years. I had a Cricket years ago, but that didn't last long. In June of '96 I traded one of my airplanes for a Shuttle Z kit.( Now all I want to fly is Helicopters.)
Model Airplane Sites Dave's Toys
Cincinnati, OH
My favorite hobby is Radio Controlled Model airplanes.
Model Submarine Sites David Merriman's R/C Submarines This home page will provide you with information for this hobby and with a quick letter I can share how to get your own R/C submarine through companies who manufacture various Hulls and Water Tight Cylinders.
Model Car Sites David's Awesome R/C Car Homepage Here are few of my favorite R/C Cars
Model Car Sites David's Gas R/C Off-Road Home Page
Model Car Sites David's R/C Home Page David's R/C Home Page has a R/C Chat Room, Product Reviews, Tips, Comparison Reviews, Hot Links, Awsome Action Pictures and Tamed Freeze Frame Photos, R/C Stories, What's New In The R/C World and MUCH MORE!!!
Model Car Sites David's R/C Homepage I have raced R/C cars in the past and am now getting back in to it. There is not a carpet track around here anymore, so I went to off road racing.
Model Airplane Sites De Alle info over modelvliegen
De Startpagina voor modelvliegers
Model Car Sites Deightseven R/C Page
Novi, MI
1/10 Scale Touring Car information specailizing in Tamiya information, along with great links to other sites.
Model Submarine Sites Demons of the Deep A site dedicated to helping people design and scratch-build large and small scale radio controlled submarines.
Model Airplane Sites Derwood's Flying Adventures...
Model Car Sites Detail Modeler
King George, VA
My personal site of building 1/24 scale models for contests and just for a hobby. Very detailed work, come see!!
Model Airplane Sites Digital Aviation This site is dedicated to aviation interest, both radio control and full scale aircraft.
Model Airplane Sites Divers's R/C Airplane World Welcome to the joys of Radio Controlled Airplanes. Here you will find links and pictures related to the hobby and a little bit about myself.
Model Car Sites DnA_RC
Waukesha, WI
We have many surfers rides, some tips and tricks, message boards, several polls, and reviews!
Model Car Sites Dominican HPI Racer Welcome all to the Flyest R/C web site. I love R/C Racing but what I love the best is Nitro Sedan racing. I love it because it is a very exciting racing form.
Model Car Sites Doogy's RC Car Picture Archive Please e-mail me a picture of your RC Car, and some info about it. I'll gladly post it in my archive!
Model Airplane Sites Dougster's R/C Airplane Web Personal R/C Aircraft Site
Model Car Sites Dr Diff's RS4 Pro2/Pro Setup Sheet
Davenport, IA
The place for setup tips, gearing tips, shock tuning chassis tuning of the HPI RS4 Pro2 and Original Pro.
Model Airplane Sites Drew's Pylon Pages
San Diego, CA
This site is dedicated to R/C Pylon racing ie. Quarter Midget 40, Quickie 500 and racing supply sources. Racing schedules are posted as submitted.
Model Railroading Sites Dublin & Granville Western Railroad Welcome to Dick Wieboldt's D&GW Railroad pages. Dedicated to Live Steam Model Railroading.
Model Railroading Sites Dustball Express A guide to the strange art of building model railroads under a bed. Covers scale, wiring, and setup.
Model Car Sites Dustin's R/C web page Pics,tips,links,and opinions
Model Railroading Sites Dutton Bay Tramway
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
The Dutton Bay is a freelance HOn30 model railway set in the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia
Slot Car Sites Eastside Scale Drag Racing
King George, VA
1/24 drag slot cars, check it out!
Slot Car Sites Ed Penland's HO Slot Cars Keep up with the latest in HO Slot Cars!
Slot Car Sites Ed Penland's HO Slot Cars
Hundreds of slot car links, many photos plus a list of slot car enthusiasts to which you can add your name.
Slot Car Sites Ed Penland's Slot Car Site
Lots of Photos and links to everything Slot Car Related
Model Sailplane Sites Eddie's Radio Controlled Gliders Homepage
Hong Kong Gliders Homepage for Beginner.
Model Railroading Sites Edmonton Area Model Railroad Pages These pages describe model railroading activity in and around Edmonton.
Model Airplane Sites Eds' R/C Pattern Web Site This site is intended for the Radio Control Aerobatics Competition community.
Modeling Related Software Electric Model Aircraft Circuit Diagrams Most of these have adequate descriptions on how to produce a working unit. Of course I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the designs but have used them for several years with no problems.
Model Car Sites Electric Model Car Racing In Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
Welcome to the first site to deal with the racing of electric model cars in Dublin, Ireland.
Model Car Sites Electric R/C Car Model Page his is dedicated to my last passion: Radio-Controlled Cars.
Model Airplane Sites Electric Radio Control Model Aircraft Movies
Video clips of RC electric aircraft from various ARTF manufacturers
Model Car Sites Electro Racing Club Eindhoven Op deze pagina wil ik mijn hobbie met mede fanaten delen. Ik wil deze plek laten uitgroeien tot een plek in cyberspace voor nederlandse R/C racers.
Model Car Sites Electronic Modellbau Automodellsport der Spitzenklasse Electronic vom Feinsten HiTech pur Informationen rund um das Hobby mit ferngesteuerten Modellautos
Model Railroading Sites Eureka Springs Model Railroad Company
Eureka Springs, AR
Specilizing in Marklin trains & ETS all metal tinplate from Europe. One of the nations largest digital layouts (over 8.5 scale miles of track) open to tourist. Deli on the deck overlooking garden train display. Open daily 479-253-2525
Model Rocket Sites European Model Rocketry
Biggest site on European model rocketry topics - news, links, photos, dealers and more, compiled by Oliver A. Missbach
Model Railroading Sites Evert's Model Railroad Page
Lincoln, NE
This site documents the construction of my N and HO scale layout. It contains several cadrail track plans and lots of pictures of the layout in progress.
Model Car Sites F1 Modeling Page ces to buy F1 kits, get the latest news on kits, see pictures of some of the best scale models around, and even place your own 'Want Ads' for free.
Model Car Sites FAQ for R/C electric off-road racing These memos are meant to answer basic questions about R/C electric off-road racing. My aim is to help people get started in the hobby.
Model Car Sites Fast Cat R/C Home Page Site dedicated to parking lot racing. English and Portugese.
Model Car Sites Faststuff Home Page This page is on nitro R/C trucks.
Model Sailplane Sites Fatlion's R/C Sailplanes This site contains information about R/C Sailplanes, what it takes to get started with one and lists of available sailplanes from around the world.
Model Engines Flite Line Solutions
Vancouver, British Columbia
Information, publications and custom parts for FOX RC engines.
Model Airplane Sites Fly Pilotos e Aeromodelistas
Model Airplane Sites Flying High
Broward County, FL
Our photo gallery consists primarily of two sections. Section 1 is photographs of radio control model aircraft which fly at Markham Park located in Broward County, Florida. Section 2 is photographs of full-size aircraft taken at the l998 Sun N Fun Fly-In at Lakeland, Florida.
Model Helicopter Sites Flying R/C Helicopters
Houston, TX
A place to learn to fly R/C Helicopters, to find flyers and help others
Model Airplane Sites Foam Alone
Covering the Australian & New Zealand EPP foamies r.c. modelling scene.
Model Car Sites Four States R/C Truck & Tractore Pullers The New World of 1/10th Scale Radio Control Truck and Tractor Pulling
Model Boating Sites Frank's Historical Model ships
Model ship Mayflower, HMS Endeavour that I built from scratch and much more...
Model Boating Sites Frank's Model Ships
North harbour, Newfoundland
Model ships Mayflower, Endeavour, President all made from scratch, and much more...
Model Airplane Sites Freddes site for model aviation
863 Photos, 292 Links, (that´s october 2000), The Hangar, Work Shop, Votings, Guestbook and many other things by a model aviator in Scandinavia.
Model Airplane Sites Free Flight Indoor Model Aircraft Indoor Model Aircraft is the delicate craft of building and flying model airplanes or "flying machines" which are lightweight and designed to fly within the restricted areas of school gyms, warehouses, and arenas.
Model Airplane Sites Free Flight on the WWW This web page is intended to provide a brief introduction to Free Flight for those who are unfamiliar with the hobby, and provide references and information to members of the free flight community.
Model Boating Sites Friedrich's ship models
My favorite hobby is ship modeling. I'm in ship modeling since 1983.
Model Airplane Sites Friesen 5 This WebPage is designed to share some of my interests (R/C Aircraft) with you. I hope you find this information enjoyable, as I have enjoyed many of the websites on the web.
Model Railroading Sites Frisco Modelers' Information Group The Frisco Modelers' Information Group (FMIG), a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), was founded in June 1976. It is an informal organization of model railroaders who model the St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railway. The communications media are a periodic newsletter, electronic mail, and occasional conventions.
Model Car Sites Full Throttle
United Kingdom
R/C Racing in North East England
Model Airplane Sites Fun2fly R/C's Hi Ya! Our names are Joe & Karen, we're a "FUN" family from Iowa who enjoy flying R/C Planes.
Model Airplane Sites Future Slope Designs
Crestline, CA
Future Slope Designs is home to the Raptor slope plane. This slope plane comes in two versions, the R36 and the R48. It is an ultralight sloper that is becoming popular in the Southern California area.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites GAS R/C Motorcylce
San Jose, CA
Photos of a gas conversion on a Kyosho HOR motorcycle
Model Car Sites Gabe's R/C Racing Info On this page you will find information on the Sport of R/C Racing.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Gary's Homepage
Model Car Sites Geoff's R/C Cars This page is for all of you interested in Remote Control Auto Racing. I looked all over the internet for information on R/C car racing, and found very little useful information on functionality and mainenance of R/C car racing. I hope you find this page informative and to your liking.
Model Railroading Sites George Steckert's Hobby Haven I have an HO layout in my basement, loosely based upon areas of Pennsylvania in which I have lived and worked. Roadnames frequently found on motive power and rolling stock traveling my rails include Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Pennsylvania, Northern Central, Western Maryland, Amtrak, Conrail, CSX, and Norfolk Southern.
Model Railroading Sites George's Museum: Unitrack Hall This page contains my own personal information and tips about Kato's Unitrack - how to buy it, use it and improve it.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Getting Started in Radio Control Would you like to fly a P-51 Mustang? A replica of the Wright brothers' Wright Flyer? A sailplane? A flying wing? You can do any of these things (and much more!) in the exciting world of radio control (R/C) modeling.
Model Airplane Sites Giacomo Bondi Home Page This site is dedicated to the R/C Hobby and to the electronic musician.
Model Airplane Sites Giant Scale Giant Scale News and Review - by Frank Ponteri - Features news and reviews of giant scale products. Features a monthly photo contest with the winners receiving a servo. Grand prize will be a complete radio system.
Model Airplane Sites Giant Scale Aerobatic List
A site about Giant Scale Aerobatics
Model Airplane Sites Giant Scale Air Racing Headquarters The sport of building and flying model airplanes is a wonderful mix of activities. If the weather is prohibitive for flying, modelers get to enjoy the indoor portion of the hobby. Building the airplanes allows for many hours of enjoyment working with tools and using shop skills.
Model Airplane Sites Giant Scale Radio Control Dedicated to Giant Scale Radio Control Flying of all types - IMAA, Racing, Sport, Scale. Mailing Lists, Forums, Clubs, Events, Photo Coverage, Tips and Techniques & Classifieds -
Model Rocket Sites Glen MacGillivray's Rocket Page I am a BAR, or a 'Born-Again Rocketeer". I had a passionate interest in model rocketry over 20 years ago.
Model Sailplane Sites Gliding & Photography Find out the beauty of this hobby. Find out how to build R/C Gliders; how do they fly without an engine; and where to fly.
Model Helicopter Sites Guide On RC Helicopters - RC Helicopter Fever
La Habra, CA
Collection of articles, tutorials and a forum for RC helicopter enthusiast
Model Rocket Sites Guide to UK Model Rocketry Welcome to the guide to model rocketry in the UK. Most of the information here is designed to complement the FAQ for the Usenet Newsgroup rec.models.rockets.
Model Airplane Sites Gumpy's Pattern Page The Planes and the Patterns Assorted Tips Contest calendar for '98 Links to other Pattern Pages Statistical data for North Texas weather Picture archive
Model Boating Sites Guylain's R/C My first project was a snow buggy, say what?? It's a low budget buggy with great fun. It's all made of wooden dowels(sticks), lightweight and great speeds. Remove the skis for three wheels and you are ready for land. More info comming.
Model Helicopter Sites GyroNUTS What's it mean to be a GyroNUT? It's politically correct to say that you have to be a BIG NUT to fly a gyro. But just so you know, we are not often political and seldom correct.
Slot Car Sites H.O. Mobius Racing Strip H.O. track designs & technical racing info
Slot Car Sites HO Slot World The H.O. Slotcar Collector's Website
Model Airplane Sites Han's Horner's R/C Air Modeling
We are a very active R/C aircraft modelers in our city and region. One of our principal goals is modeling and flying, but also to colaborate in diffusion of this wonderful sport and hobby. To make new friends around the world is another purpose.
Model Airplane Sites Hangar 37
Columbus, OH
Great, in-depth reviews and walk-thrus, as well as some tips & techniques.
Model Helicopter Sites HeliWeb
Tallinn, ESTONIA
Pictures about estonian/finnish model helicopter related events, inc. Helicamp Estonia.
Model Helicopter Sites Helibuf's World Welcome to the home of the Original R/C Heli-buf. These pages are for all radio controlled helicopter pilots.
Model Helicopter Sites Helicopter Projects
Model helicopter conversion and scratch built helicopter site
Model Helicopter Sites Helis and planes My helicopter and airplane page
Model Airplane Sites Hernan Aviones R/C en Argentina Radio control airplanes in Argentina, links, pictures, calendar, first steps in the hobby. Text in Spanish.
Model Airplane Sites High Country R/C Flying School I am a photographic specialist for a major Camera dealer. I have a simple way of mounting a camera to virtually any R/C Airplane. This works equally well with 8mm video.
Model Rocket Sites High Powered Rocketry A LOT of good information on Model Rocketry
Model Helicopter Sites Hirobo Tsurugi Helicopter Page Hello, and welcome to my home page. The content of which is dedicated to the Hirobo Tsurugi helicopter.
Model Rocket Sites Hitchhikers Guide to Model Rocketry Rocketry. Often viewed as one of the most complex things on Earth, it's not. Model rocketry can introduce you to the joys of this exciting topic from your own home. In this guide, we explain everything from getting your first rocket, to designing your own. We even have a cool simulator written in Java.
Model Airplane Sites Hobbies Aloft R/C Flight School
Monterey Bay Area, CA
Guaranteed R/C model airplane flight training. No buddy-cords; just the most effective flight training available anywhere in the world. Learn to fly solo in less than a week and accomplish hundreds of hands-on landings in the process.
Model Boating Sites Home Port
Saint John, New Brunswick
Scale model fishing boats and others. Some kits & some scratch. Interested in fishing boats fron East Coast Canada.
Model Car Sites Hoosier's R/C his site will be updated as often as possible with more R/C information.
Model Car Sites House Of Nitro
Tyrone, OK
No Wimps! No Excuses! Just Raw Horsepower! Enough Said!
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Hover Kingdom A site devoted to objects that hover such as hovercrafts, Magnetic Levitation Trains, V-22 Ospreys, and AV-8B Harrier II Jets.
Model Railroading Sites Howdy's_Home_Station Personal Model Railroading Site
Model Airplane Sites Indoor Model Airplanes It's a bit ironic that the origins of model airplanes pre-date their full-scale counterparts. But, it's true. Rubber powered "small-scale" airplanes were being built and flown before the Wright brothers thought about full-scale flying machines.
Model Railroading Sites Interactive Model Railroad Unique site with a model rairoad that you can operate on-line! (From Ulm, Germany)
Model Car Sites International Model Car Builders' Museum
Salt Lake City, UT
The site reveals the Museum and its programs.
Model Helicopter Sites Inverted's Many photos of inverted helicopter flight.
Model Airplane Sites Islanders Model Airplane Club
Location Unknown
Articles and such that have either been found on the web, contributed or is club information.
Model Airplane Sites Ivy and Martin's Web Page
United Kingdom
Pictures and data on my large-scale R/C model aircraft.
Model Airplane Sites James Scudamores R/C Plane Page A modellers homepage with reviews, pictures and crash stories!
Model Airplane Sites Jan Hermkens and his B-17, P-61, Short Sunderland.
Homepage of Jan Hermkens(the flying Dutchman), 6x European Star Cup Champion R/C scale, presenting his R/C scale models. Especial his Internat. winner scale planes built from own plan: B-17 Flying Fortress (span:158"), P-61 Black Widow (span:122"), Short Sunderland Flying Boat (span:136").
Model Airplane Sites Jeff's Flightdeck I have created this Home Page with the intent in mind of keeping a better link with the R/C World. Hopefully, it will serve as a crossroads to other pilots that enjoy this hobby as much as I do.
Model Boating Sites Jeff's R/C Boat Page
Dunbar, WV
This is a picture of my boat. Its a Radioactive Equalizer hull with a 25cc Homelite motor,Octura strudder submerged drive system, Prather 270 S.S. prop.
Model Car Sites Jeffs' Tamiya TA03 Resource Page
Model Airplane Sites Jim McNeill's AMA Web Page District 5 AMA District 5 Vice President Jim McNeill's Web Site
Model Railroading Sites Jim's N-Scale Model Railroad
Frederick, MD
N Scale model railroad with a Pennsylvania Railroad theme by Jim Cullen.
Model Airplane Sites Jim's RC Airplane Site
Site containing tips,photos,downloads,beginners page,engine tips,and handy reference and troubleshooting charts.
Model Airplane Sites Joe Cannella's Springfield Home Page With so many great hobbies, how can anyone say they have nothing to do?
Model Car Sites Joe's R/C Car Web Site Hi! My name is Joe Cude, I reside in Santa Maria, CA. I love to race my modified RC10GT with O.S. CZ-Z and Airtronics Rival 2P.
Model Car Sites Joe's R/C Page T2 and B2 setup tips, Battery converson chart, Cool graphics, a mystery R/C car to identify, and many hot links.
Model Railroading Sites John Balogh's Train Page I'm a member of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) (NMRA Member # 096639)
Model Sailplane Sites John Derstine's Scale Soaring Page Included on this page are: Photos of large scale sailplanes from around the world, how to Aerotow article, aerotow "97" report,International scale sailplane events schedule.
Model Airplane Sites John Homepage
Oshawa, Ontario
Resubmitting my link that you have already on your page. Thanks John Weales
Model Airplane Sites John Kallend's R/C Plane Page I build and fly radio controlled model airplanes and helicopters. I am secretary of Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago and Assoc. VP of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the national governing body for model aviation in the USA.
Model Rocket Sites John Kallend's Rocket Page Information on Model rockets, high powered rockets and radio controlled (R/C) rocket planes.
Model Car Sites John and Jonathan's R/C Race Page We do this page out of interest in the hobby of R/C cars..We present photos that we've taken , while at various races, in and around Southern California.
Model Boating Sites John's Boats
Schooner and other types of RC Boats
Model Helicopter Sites Jon's Micro Heli Warbirds
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
Pictures, specifications and information about my radio controlled semi-scale miltary helicopter models. All models are micro sized (550mm rotor dia or less) and can be flown indoors. Models include AH-1S Cobra, Oh-13 Sioux and OH-58A Kiowa
Model Airplane Sites Jon's Model Aircraft Page I got bit by the model aircraft bug in 1992. I have all different sizes of airplanes. I am moving more in the direction of mostly giant scale.
Model Helicopter Sites Jon's R/C Helicopters
Jon's R/C Helicopter Hobby Site, pictures, videos and other information.
Model Airplane Sites Jonghun Lee's Homepage Excellent Site about R/C Airplanes
Model Helicopter Sites Jonkundus Helipad
Model Car Sites Jump 2 the MAX!
Various Nitro R/C Trucks, lotsa jumps
Model Car Sites K&J's first ever 4x4 Stampede Monster Truck There are lots of possibilitys with these R/C vehicles if you just use your imagination.
Model Helicopter Sites K.Kataoka's Room of Electric R/C Helicopters This is a personal home page about electric R/C helicopters, which includes quicktime movies of electric scale helis and sound files.
Model Helicopter Sites Kents TSK Page The mission, if you choose to to learn, or contribute information concerning the TSK R/C Helicopters.
Model Airplane Sites Kev & Tim's Page This is a page about model flying. We fly radio controlled airplanes for fun. We are not scale modellers, we are not competition flyers, we just have fun flying our models and occasionally wrecking the odd one or two.
Model Car Sites Kev's R/C Gas Truck Page
Model Car Sites Kingsford Racing Club
Location Unknown
Model Airplane Sites Kit Collector Illustrated
Portage, MI
Pictures and recent prices paid for Out Of Production R/C kits and RTF control line planes like Cox, Aurora and Comet. A must see for the collector. Come and visit and enjoy the ride back in time.
Model Airplane Sites LGRA Slope Soaring Club
We are a bunch o slopers from london and south east , about 3- 5 of us get together when poss and wind allowing , The main aim is not to emulate dull club scene and flying is only 60% of the deal , food , abuse comedy and pics are the rest . check us out
Model Helicopter Sites LOGOmania
Lake Louise, Alberta
Glen Peden's personal site dedicated to Mikado LOGO electric helicopters, with an emphasis on tips.
Model Railroading Sites Lackawanna Terminal Railroad
Model railroaders who actually work on (or have retired from) various northern New Jersey railroads, and have developed a hard-to-describe fiction about their "community" railroad, the "LT". Lots of poker-faced fiction, but based so closely on the real thing, that at one point, a real railroad officer contacted them, probing them on whether they'd entertain a buy-out offer! This is railroading with an attitude, and it's very entertaining. Also has links to similar sites. (Amtruck)
Model Helicopter Sites Laman Web Heli Kawalan Jauh
Excellent personal site in Malaysian Language includes technical guide of helicopter topics (More on Raptor by Thunder Tiger).This site features tons of great documenting from begginer step by step the build & Upgrade of Raptor 30, A Raptor 30 v1 and Raptor 30 v2 remote control model heli of Raptor 30 currently being built by owner.
Model Railroading Sites Large Scale On-Line Great site about Garden Railroading
Model Airplane Sites Larry Brannan's Web Site You guessed it...I fly R/C airplanes
Model Car Sites Larry's R/C Page(For Saskatchewan)
Regina,, Sasketchewan
R/C pictures,R/C links,R/C miscellaneous
Model Airplane Sites Lazy Bee from Clancy Aviation
Büchen/Germany, GERMANY
A describtion of building the Lazy Bee.
Model Car Sites Lee's Biases Contains pages on 4WD sedan (HPI RS4 Pro), 1/10 scale monster trucks (Traxxas Stampede, Kyosho USA-1), 1/8 scale gas buggy (Mugen Super Athlete), as well as general info on RC equipment.
Model Airplane Sites Let's Jump
St.Peters, MO
Just about everything you want or need to know about R/C Skydiving. We are here to help you learn how to and what not to do. This year we have on the web site The First Annual R/C Skydive Competition held at AMA Headquarters in Muncie Ind. The picture are there too as well as plans to download.
Model Airplane Sites Ligue Corse de Mod‚lisme Automobile Radio-Command‚e Vous trouverez sur ce site, toutes les informations relatives au Mod‚lisme Automobile Radio-Command‚e en CORSE
Model Airplane Sites Lil' Jakes R/C Plane Site Have you ever flown a remote control airplane? If you have not then I want to introduce you to one of the most enjoyable hobbies I have ever known..
Slot Car Sites Lionel 1/ 32 Slot Car Collection Web Page showing Lionel 1/32 slot cars from the early and mid-1960's.
Model Airplane Sites Lone Wulffe R/C This site highlights the exploits of two friends, Jupes and Pilsner, who started in the hobby of radio-controlled aircraft in January of 1998.
Model Helicopter Sites Los Roteros
Site for R/C Helicopter lovers
Model Car Sites Lots of R/C
Model Car Sites MRB RC Racing
Menomonee Falls, WI
Radio controlled cars, products, tips, and links. Rubber power airplanes, plans, tips, and links.
Model Boating Sites Mad About Multi's Site with focus in radio control multihull yachts.
Model Helicopter Sites MadRotors
Madison, WI
This was the Madison Helicopter Group site, however, the Madison Helicopter Group is no more. The Site still offers advise and information for the Helicopter Newbie and local (Madison, WI) flying site information. There is now some information on AutoGyros also.
Model Car Sites Magnus Berglund's Home page MTFA Championship 1/8 Scale R/C-Dragracing in Sweden
Model Airplane Sites Malaysia, Welcome to R/C in Kuala Lumpur
This site describe my R/C project YF-22A Ducted Fan and general R/C in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Model Car Sites Mantua Model
Personal R/C Car Site
Model Helicopter Sites Mark Fadely's Heli Page I fly sport radio controlled helicopters and I have two models that I use for professional aerial video and photo work.
Model Railroading Sites Mark Rollins' Model Railroad Page I enjoy model railroading - HO scale thank you. I build modules that vary in width anywhere from 1 foot to 3 feet, with lengths ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet.
Model Car Sites Marks Mark This site features tons of great pictures documenting the manufacture of "Bad Monkey Jr.", A 1/10 scale remote control model of my Dodge truck designed and currently being built by me, Mark Filipowicz .
Model Airplane Sites Martin Hepperle Excellent personal site includes technical discussions of aerodynamic topics.
Model Airplane Sites Matt's R/C Scale Jets
Scale model aircraft models,from jets to WW2 scale models,even some lightweight electric scale r/c models,worth a visit!
Model Boating Sites Matts R/C Boats
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Mega T-maxx gallery. The biggest on the Net!
Toronto, Ontario
Biggest t-maxx gallery on the net! With over 2600+ T-maxx hi-res pics
Model Car Sites Michael Mueller's R/C Cars Personal page about R/C cars in Germany.
Model Airplane Sites Michael's Hobbies I enjoy building and flying R/C Planes which includes kits and ARC's. It's a very relaxing hobby, especially when the finished product has the first test flight.
Model Airplane Sites Michael's R/C Flying Pages Who stopped by on these pages probably knows that this is the most beautyful, most diversified, most exciting, most stimulating hobby (hobby !!!) that can be imagined.
Model Railroading Sites Michael's Western Maryland An HO Scale Train Layout
Model Railroading Sites Micro Layouts for Model Railroads
Pittsburgh, PA
Over 200 very small micro layout designs, a monthy Small Layout Scrapbook magazine, and detailed "how to" descriptions of the webmaster's micro layouts, including a G scale line in one square foot.
Model Car Sites Mid Canada R/C Auto Racing We are Mid Canada R.C. Racing, and we are stationed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mid Canada is affiliated with another organization in Winnipeg called M.R.C.A.R. Mid Canada runs R.C. car racing in the winter months, And M.R.C.A.R. runs things during the summer months.
Model Airplane Sites Mike's Aircraft Homepage Many photos of aircraft and tips on building them. Completed aircraft include a Super Sportster, Fazer, A7 Corsair II, Telemaster 40, and a Pilot Zero. Pictures of aircraft under construction and in flight.
Model Car Sites Mike's R/C Page A page loaded with pics of Mike's cars and specs on his and other cars. Offers help to the begginer driver and links to other R/C sites. Also dabs into Mike's other hobbies. Updated frequently.
Model Car Sites Mike's World of R/C Cars Some of you know me as MR LONLY or KISS FREAK or BMX or whatever other mood I'm in when I sign in .
Model Car Sites Milton Area Racing Circuit
Location Unknown
This page represents five guys who decided that they wanted to race 1/10th scale cars and trucks at a low budget without any entry fees. There are currently five teams competing on the MARC circuit.
Model Car Sites Miniature-Z Racing
Complete description of Mini-Z Cars and aftermarket parts.
Model Airplane Sites Miniplanes
R/c photos, R/c plans, electronics, cool links, etc.
Model Airplane Sites Minnesota R/C Directory
The goal of this web site is to help you find the closest flying field in your area, and direct you to more detailed information. I'll do the work of finding all the club web sites in Minnesota, and organize it into a table of information about each site.
Model Rocket Sites Mitchell S Pines's Web Page A dentist and his rockets. (BIG ROCKETS)
Model Airplane Sites Model Aircraft Scale Models,War Birds,Novelty Models,Model Helicopters.All shared by enthusiasts with a common interest.
Model Airplane Sites Model Airplanes
Helping you to spend more time flying and less time searching for the right model airplanes.
Model Boating Sites Model Boat Racing.
Yeovil, Somerset., UNITED KINGDOM
A web site about us Racing in with Offshore Model Powerboats, also spares such as Flexi Shafts, copper head shims and custum made heads.
Model Boating Sites Model Boats I enjoy scratch building and sailing radio controlled model boats, and am a (past) member of the Dundee Model Boat Club.
Model Boating Sites Model Boats My name is Anders Hansen, and I enjoy building model boats. Especially when it comes to cruise ships, ferries, rescue boats, supplyships etc.
Model Boating Sites Model Boats of the Toronto Metro Marine Modellers
Toronto, Ontario
Picture galleries of the club activities and the model boats: gas powered, sail boats, display boats, fast electric boats, scale boats, model builders, Marblehead, Vintage Marblehead boats, model yachts, model motor yachts.
Model Car Sites Model Cars by Larry The purpose of this page is to help those who like putting together, and painting model cars.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Model Hovercraft Homepage Building, Designing and Operating Model Hovercraft
Model Engines Model Jet Engines first started working on small Gas Turbines back in 1995. The very first engine I built was based on the Schreckling FD3, but I fiited a 67mm turbine wheel to increase mass flow.
Model Airplane Sites Model Welcome to my new updated site on Turbines, Pulse Jets and ducted fans.
Model Airplane Sites Model Mania
personal rc web site with free ad listings
Model Boating Sites Model Marina
Minot, ND
Radio control scale model ship projects. Extensive kit reviews of Dumas and BaD Ship Models kits, including assembly pictures, step by step instructions and tips. If you are an avid boat modeler, take a look around at these scale model projects.
Model Boating Sites Model Power Boating in South Africa Model Power Boating falls under the South African Model Power Boating Association of South Africa (SAMPBA).
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroad Electronics Rutger Friberg's world of Model Railroad Electronics
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroad Information The following articles were originally written by Wes Barris for publication in "The Crossing Gate", the newsletter of the "Twin Cities Division" of the NMRA.
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroad Photo Album A series of photos of Model Railroad Layouts
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroading Ray Burger's site about Outdoor Model Railroading
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroading Hints and tips, ho-scale, model railroading links
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroading
Franklin, NJ
Model Railroading is a guided website for hobbyists by a hobbyist. Weekly features, moderated chats and interviews, events, useful, mined netlinks, discussion group, newsletter and site search. We mine the net so you dont have to.
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroading Page of Andrea Scorzoni Manual of the new M„rklin-Motorola format
Modeltreno Home Page
Italian Manual of DIGIPET 4.01
Model Railroading Sites Model Railroading on Long Island Public Access Cable TV Show About Model Railroading
Model Boating Sites Model Rocket Boats
Model Rocket Boats...The Site for the Hobby...The attachment of a model rocket to a model boat.
Model Rocket Sites Model Rocketry Pictures Various model rocket pictures. I am a member of Central Illinois Aerospace.
Model Rocket Sites Model Rocketry Rules! My primary connection to Model Rocketry is in running camping programs. These programs run during the summer for kids from 4th to 12th grade.
Model Railroading Sites Model Trains Welcome to the Model Trains page. This page is your one stop place for information on this ever-growing hobby.
Model Boating Sites Model Yacht Fittings
Brass Fittings for Scale and Pond Boats
Model Boating Sites Model Yachts
New Zealand
Model Yacht NZL, 1 meters, Parts, News, Sails, Hulls.
Model Helicopter Sites Model city
Web site dedicated to my interest in RC Model Helicopters. Here you will find JR Ergo, Hirobo Bell 47G (semi Scale) along with flying information and hints and tips
Model Sailplane Sites Model slope soaring: the Foom-Delta How to build the cheapest model slope soarer in the world. Incredibly rugged, simple to build and lots of fun to fly. Very aerobatic - not for beginners!
Model Airplane Sites Modelairplanes
Istanbul, TURKEY
Homemade model airplanes detailed pictures and plans ,tips and tricks .
Model Car Sites Modelcar
S. João Da Madeira, PORTUGAL
Model Boating Sites Modelismo Naval de Joaquin Solana
Personal and scratch build boats (bigest in M‚xico city), santander's tug boat, Santa Mar¡a, Hispania Motonave, Cid Campeador Transatlantic, Sports fisherman cruiser, and the Building picture archive.
Model Boating Sites Modellismo navale-Naval Modelling-Modellisme naval
Naval modelling documents, informations,e-mail, pictures
Model Car Sites
A site for people just getting into rc racing.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Modelvliegclub IKARUS - Tubbergen Links & contact information for many Dutch Clubs
Model Airplane Sites Monsen's Desert Aviation Connection
A personal website showing a taste of flying RC Airplanes and Helicopters in Saudi Arabia. Site includes pictures, free programs, utilities and movies.
Model Car Sites Monster Motorsports This is the webpage for racing car-related information, for both full size and model cars I am interested in, basically Car Park Racing, R/C Touring cars, and R/C Formula One.
Model Railroading Sites Moon Interlocking Info on Model Railroading
Model Airplane Sites Muellers Modellbau
Pictures and description of my models and technical informations.
Model Car Sites My 1/4 and 1/10 radio controled cars
Montpellier, FRANCE
Photos, videos and technical aspects to discover the world of radio controled cars.
Model Railroading Sites My Espee Modelers home page
California's Railroad to the U.S. 1865 - 1996, Welcome to my Espee Modelers Home Page, Your one-stop site for all things Southern Pacific - well we try :)
Model Boating Sites My Hobby Radiocontrolled Modelships Hello all u peeps. My name is Colin East I live in a little village called Hasenfeld near Dren, NRW, Germany I was created on or about 29.07.1961 in England
Model Airplane Sites My RC Airplane Page The thrill of building and flying these airplanes is awsome to say the least! I never thought I would enjoy anything like this because of the "Toy like" nature of it.
Model Car Sites My Shape N Race Derby Page A Shape N Race Derby is Christian Service Brigade's gravity-powered model car race. It is similar to (some might say, virtually identical to) the Boy Scouts of America's Pinewood Derby.
Model Railroading Sites N Scale Resource The N Scale Resource is a collection of useful N Scale information.
Model Railroading Sites N-Scale Collector N Scale Conventions, Special Run News, Classified Exchange... Auctions - What's HOT and What's Not .. Just a lot of good Stuff
Model Railroading Sites N.S.W. School Students' Model Railway Club
Details about Club activities and how to join, club model railway layouts and exhibitions, club magazine, and photographs. The NSW School Students' Model Railway Club was formed in 1987 as a non-profit organisation to promote railway enthusiasm amoungst school students and promote, facilitate and enhance school students' knowledge in the field of railway modelling. Membership of the NSWSSMRC is open to all primary and secondary school students (i.e., years 3 to 12, inclusive), under the age of 19 years, who live and/or are enrolled at a school within New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory.
Model Boating Sites NAMBA GAS North American Model Boat Association Chairman's Web Site
Model Railroading Sites NCat - NTrak'er I'm a NCat - NTrak'er Live Catenary in N SCALE ! ! ! I plan to keep this as a record of progress of the modules!
Model Car Sites Nashville Area R/C Racers OK I am trying to get together the information that you need to know to go RC racing in Nashville.
Model Boating Sites Navimod‚lisme R/C
This site is dedicated to R/C model boating with kit reviews, plans index, tips, photos, links to other sites.
Model Airplane Sites New Ace's R/C Hangar My dad is primarily the builder and I do most of the flying. I work at a grocery store to support the hobby and also to pay for my truck.
Model Airplane Sites New Creations R/C Our main purpose for being in business is to Promote and advance the acceptance and knowledge of Electric Flight.
Model Airplane Sites NextCraft™
Anchorage, AK
A site focusing on the design and fabrication of composite, radio-controlled model aircraft. Now offering two tutorial CD's.
Model Car Sites Nick's Home Page This site is all about racing.. I enjoy all forms though I admit..pan cars are my favorite.. On my site you will find some decent info on oval and 12th scale and a ton of links.
Model Car Sites Niko's R/C This page will include my r/c cars, setups, links and more.
Model Airplane Sites Nir's R/C Home Page introduction to model aircraft
photo gallery
r/c movies
my aeroplane
Model Car Sites Nitro Addiction The information contained within this web site is necessarially my opinons and experience with gas Radio Control cars.
Model Car Sites Nitro Freeks
A unique and helpful site for all nitro and electric car and truck owners.
Model Car Sites Nitro RS4 Central The purpose of this site is to provide you with information on tuning, hopping-up and building HPI's new fire breathing tourer.
Model Car Sites Nitro Race West Personal site about Nitro R/C Cars
Model Airplane Sites North Carolina State University Flight Research (The F18 Project) During this time of shrinking defense dollars, all of the armed forces are trying to get more for each dollar spent. In keeping with this philosophy and in order to enhance the safety and data obtained in the flight tests of a new aircraft design, the US Navy, Bihrle Applied Research, and the aerospace engineering program at NC State have formed a team to support the flight test program of the F/A-18E/F with the flight testing of a 17.5% scale, non- inertially scaled remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) of this aircraft.
Model Airplane Sites North Jersey Jumbo Flyers
Belvidere, NJ
The website of a club that meets in Belvidere, Warren county and flies airplanes and helicopters.
Model Airplane Sites Northeast Aviation R/C Flight School
Capital District, NY
R/C Flight School Where the aircraft and all support equpitment are provided by the school. Instruction is one on one.
Model Car Sites OVALDOG'S R/C Nitro Truck Dirt Oval These pages will introduce you to the world of R/C Nitro Truck Dirt Oval (Short Track Outlaw) These trucks are fast, loud, and a load of fun.
Model Car Sites Off Road 1/10th Scale buggy racing
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Australia's premier radio control car site for 1/10th scale buggies. Includes calendar for race dates in Victoria. Tamiya and Kyosho cars welcome ! Interested in learning about racing. This is the place to find out.
Model Car Sites Offroad R/C Trucks
Site based on offroad R/C trucks. Free auction, reviews, pictures, links, message board, and tips. Users can add thier own links and tips to these pages, with emmediate updates of pages.
Model Airplane Sites Ole Daves R/C Page
Festus, MO
Personal pictures, R/C related links.
Model Helicopter Sites Our homepage for R/C model helicopter
Unsere Homepage ist fr alle Fan's des R/C Modellbaus, speziell R/C Helikopter und R/C Modellschiffe sowie auch die LGB Gartenbahn. Sie soll eine Plattform fr Erfahrungsaustausch und Tipp's sein. Ebenso ist Akkuladung und Elektronik eng mit diesen Hobby's verbunden.
Model Car Sites Oversearer's Page This is a minor site with just some pics off the web.
Model Car Sites Oxclose Ministocks If you have ever wanted to race radio controlled cars but didn't know which type to buy let me tell you why Ministocks are the best!
Model Car Sites PHMAN'S Page 've been involved with rc cars for 3 years when my son got his first car. He started racing in august of 95 and i started in august of 96.
Model Airplane Sites PRE-Flight Simulation: RC Flight Made Indoors
PRE-Flight Simulation (FREEWARE) with a complete configurable physics/properties to simulate your RC-Aircraft (include Helicopters)
Model Airplane Sites Page of Assorted R/C Items This page is a basis for help, reviews, and other such matters that pertain to the hobby of R/C Flying.
Model Boating Sites Panache Model Yachting Information on the Panache Model Yacht and links to other related pages on the Internet.
Model Boating Sites Paradise Place
Massena, NY
A step-by-step RiverBoat construction from opening the box to the maiden voyage! Check it out!
Model Airplane Sites Paradise RC Flyers
Verona, NY
New RC club made up of the Cloudbusters and Kamp clubs. Located on 47 acres of beautiful leased farmland off of Route 5. We offer free training and the AMA Intro Pilot Program.
Model Airplane Sites Patricks RC
Tucson, AZ
This is a site for everyone to buy/sell or trade their RC vehicles.
Model Car Sites Paul's R/C Cars Page This page is dedicated to only remote control cars. You will find tips and tricks, pictures and links to other cool sites. Come inside and enjoy!
Model Car Sites Paulo Taborda's R/C World J  temos os resultados da 8¦ Etapa Super Stock, Formula Stock, For‡a Livre e Box Stock
Model Airplane Sites Pauls RC models
Norwich, norfolk, UNITED KINGDOM
My personal site of my 2 clubs, model boats, submarines, and electric flight in the UK
Model Railroading Sites Penn-Western
Port Washington, WI
Three rail 0 gauge page of home layout, with links to H-0 page.
Model Airplane Sites Perfect Planes Welcome to Perfect Planes' web page. If you're like me, you enjoy this wonderful hobby of RC model aircraft. You get the opportunity to meet many modelers with many different ideas and interests.
Model Helicopter Sites Perry's Aircraft
Texarkana, TX
Just general info and personal thoughts on rc products I use or have used
Model Airplane Sites Pete' Radio Control Planes
Ottawa, Ontario
Welcome to my personal pages dedicated to the fine hobby of radio control plane building, flying and the great people that fly them. Take a tour and enjoy my site!
Model Airplane Sites Pete's Planes
Kirkham, Lancs, UK
RC aircraft, mostly electric. News, design, technical.
Model Airplane Sites Peter's Homepage Lots of links, useful stuff, RC electronic schematics and pics
Model Car Sites Peter's R/C Car Page My name is Peter. I am a high school auto shop teacher.
Model Airplane Sites Petes Radio Control Airplanes
Limoges, Ontario
Personal RC Pages Building steps Shop equipment Flight Simulation Club and Events
Model Car Sites Phil G's R/C Page Cars, Boats, Trucks, Trailers, AND Moonbuggies!"
Model Railroading Sites Philip's Modelling Pages These pages are a homage to modelling the London & North Western Railway Company and the London, Midland and Scottish Railway.
Model Car Sites Phoneguy's Deviant RC Exhibition I have been doing the RC thing on and off since about '89. In that time I have built a lot of kits.
Model Car Sites Pinewood Derby Adventure in Design
View 100+ modern and vintage Pinewood Derby cars (more cars and designs than any other PWD site on the web), Free Building Tips, Confront PWD Addiction, See a Collection of 375 PWD Cars, Race results of Pack 147 and Big Tepee District's 2001 Race.
Model Car Sites Pinewood Derby Racers.How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby teaches you the specifics of building a pinewood car for speed. You can make your car the fastest it can be with secrets that will give you a winning edge. This manual is useful for the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Royal Rangers, Awana Grand Prix, Shape `n Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups.
Model Car Sites Pitcrew Presents The purpose of this web site is to give reports on Radio Control Cars and Trucks including thier Accessories.
Model Airplane Sites Plotfoil Plotfoil is a package for plotting airfoil sections to a variety of printers. It consists of three programs: plotfoil plots (in PostScript) airfoil sections (well, actually any section that is not smoothly closed) and allows for spars, sheeting, template sizes; editfoil is a program that allows airfoil sections' camber and thickness to be changed to any desired value; and mixfoils allows different airfoil sections to be hybridised. All the NACA 4-digit and many of the 5-digit sections can also be generated.
Model Car Sites Pro Racer Secrets
Mississauga, Ontario
This is a brand new radio control car web site devoted to you, the driver. We are going BIG with this one! Bookmark this site now because soon it will be the only site you have to visit to fulfill all of your RC needs.
Model Airplane Sites Project Plans for Wood Workers and R/C Airplanes You will find several drawings for projects that I have completed and some that are still untested. Most Drawings will have a list of required material, full scale patterns where practical and dimensions.
Model Boating Sites
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
A site dedicated to a scratch designed and built 1/20 scale model of a late WWII US 80 foot Elco PT boat with operational torpedo's.
Model Car Sites Quad Speed Racing We are a team of four racers who primarly race our R.C. cars at Fox Valley R.C. Raceway located in Oshkosh Wisconsin Eagle's Club, Thursday nights.
Model Car Sites R & P Hobbies This is our new Site dedicated to the art of R/C racing. In this you will find the latest info and merchandise that is new on the market. All about R/C Cars.
Model Sailplane Sites R C Gliders
Victoria, HONG KONG
Hong Kong - RC Gliders and Aerial Photography.
Model Car Sites R/C Adrenalin The goal of the Adrenalin web page is to provide News, Reviews, Technical and General information to the Radio Controlled Touring Car enthusiast.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Aerobatics This page is intended to support and promote R/C Aerobatics, both Precision Aerobatics (Pattern) and IMAC (Scale Aerobatics).
Model Airplane Sites R/C Aircraft
Model Airplane Sites R/C Aircraft Proving Grounds
Indianapolis, IN
Information on the building and flying of Radio Control Aircraft. Great new site for BEGINNERS in the R.C. Aircraft modeling world (Indianapolis, IN)
Model Airplane Sites R/C Airplanes Visit my hangar and see my airplanes!
Model Airplane Sites R/C Airplanes Within this page I hope to provide a few pages of R/C Airplane pictures, some full scale airplane pictures, and a smattering of art.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Airplanes Central If you want to get into this hobby, it is fun, however there are a few things to consider. First of all, its expensive, I am just completing my first plane.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Airplanes NET R/C Airplanes NET! R/C Mailings lists for general R/C aviation, and NMPRA pylon racing. Classified ads and LIVE Chat! Forums for General R/C Airplanes, IMAC and NMPRA Pylon Racing! Plus lot of features added weekly!
Model Airplane Sites R/C Airplanes and Helicopters in Massachusetts
This site contains pictures, reviews, comments, links, and information regarding my r/c helicopter and airplanes.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Blub in Malaysia
Small Club in Bintulu,Sarawak,Malaysia.
Model Boating Sites R/C Boat Information Resource Center
Model Airplane Sites R/C CHILE
about rc airplane in chile, photos, link, and more
Model Car Sites R/C Car Page
Model Car Sites R/C Car Talk R/C Car Talk is home to all fascets of R/C racing and related infomation. With discussion info on Clods and other monster trucks, A monthly contest open to all R/C vehicles
Model Car Sites R/C Cars Here, you'll find information about my personal adventures with building and racing R/C Cars, and some resources I've located on the web for R/C hobbyists, and information about what we do with these things on the weekend.
Model Car Sites R/C Cars &Models
Model Boating Sites R/C Civil Model Boats As a freak of civil RC model boats, especially TUG-BOATS and other functional boats, I was surfing and seeking for alike minded people, but ... I got a very poor harvest.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Combat Association The ONLY AMA recognized R/C Combat Special Interest Group (SIG).
Model Airplane Sites R/C Electric Powered Interactive R/C Electric Powered Interactive is devoted to the promotion of Radio Controlled Electric powered Flying models. The purpose of this site is to inform visitors on all aspects of R/C Electric Flight.
Model Car Sites R/C Extreme Links,and pictures of R/C cars
Model Boating Sites R/C FSR V & H boats
This is the only one site where you can find all informations about FSR V & H Boats. The site is in English and French language.
Model Boating Sites R/C Fast Electric Boats
RC fast electric boating combines the fun of standing on the edge of a lake, with a transmitter in your hand, next to people who share your passion, controlling your scale model hydroplane or other class boat, negotiating the final turn, heading for the finish line, about to take the last trophy race of the day.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Flight Unlimited R/C Flight Unlimited it the one stop source for information for all aspects of R/C flight. This page was previously on Geocities but has moved to This page is constantly expanding with new information being added at least weekly.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Flight Unlimited
The one stop source for information on R/C powered flight.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Flyers Webpage I've been a member of the Calumet Flyers since 1994. The Calumet Flyers are located near Brillion WI, the facilities are well maintaned, and the grass field is kept in excellent shape!
Model Airplane Sites R/C Flying in Madeira Island
Site about r/c planes and gliders in Madeira Island, who we are, where we fly and what we fly.
Model Car Sites R/C Gas Racing in Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, OH
This is a cool site for pics of stock cars and sprints.These pics are not radio control.
Model Car Sites R/C Gas Trucker Page This page is dedicated to Nitro powered R/C Trucks. No electrics here! You will find reviews of gas trucks done by real people. Featuring: "Developing Nitro FAQ"
Model Sailplane Sites R/C Glider Homepage All non-animated pictures on this page so far are of my own making please let me know what you think of them.
Model Helicopter Sites R/C Heli Page I created this page for new begginers in helicopters. I myself have the Kyosho Hyperfly Manta. Although mine is only a two chanel beginers heli, I studied all different helicopters and learned how to use them.
Model Helicopter Sites R/C Helicopter School Ernie Huber is a five time National R/C Helicopter champion. In 1979 he became the first person to hover a helicopter inverted. His copters have appeared in several major motion pictures including The Towering Inferno, Capricorn One and Blue Thunder. Today, Ernie is retired and is devoting 100% of his time to teaching at his R/C Flight Training Center.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Homepage
Model Car Sites R/C Kentucky This sight is for all R/C racers and back yard bashers! Thanks for looking at my page, a lot of work has gone into it. I hope that it has some information that you could use!
Model Airplane Sites R/C Model Aircraft and Aerodynamics
Stockholm, SWEDEN
Site dedicated to radio controlled aircraft, includes basic aerodynamics, model aircraft pictures and links.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Model Airplanes R/C Airplane Links
For the Record Book
The Baby Engine
The First R/C Airplane
Common Trim Problems
Model Helicopter Sites R/C Model Helicopter Flying This is all about the radio control flying in plain English for the purposes of any one wants to learn and fly a R/C helicopter.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Model of CDF OV-10A Bronco Pictures [models under construction, finished and flying] and descriptions of OV-10A Bronco and various Northstar [kit and owner designed twin-tail] R/C models. Website includes a few "games" where visitors can reconstruct and color various models as well as test their reaction times. Informative with a little fun mixed in.
Model Car Sites R/C Net Personal Site about R/C Cars
Model Sailplane Sites R/C Nostalgia Soaring! is dedicated to the promotion of LSF Nostalgia Class radio control soaring.
Model Car Sites R/C Oval Racing I'm interested in all types of OVAL RACING !......Such as NASCAR, CART, F1 BRISCA STOCKCARS, EUROCARS, LEGENDS, and HOT RODS. Here you will find links to all these different styles of racing, and further connections with RADIO CONTROLLED SCALE MODEL CARS that follow the full-sized formulas.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Prices
Search all of the top online hobby stores for the lowest prices on the coolest radio controlled products.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites R/C Pro This is your one-stop web site for model aircraft events. If there is a modelling event, you'll find it in our Extensive Event Listings.
Model Sailplane Sites R/C Sailplanes on the Central Coast This site will be a source of information for sailplane flying, local flying clubs, and hobbie shops. This web page will focus on the geographical area between Lompoc and San Luis Obispo.
Model Sailplane Sites R/C Slope Soaring in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, CHINA
Provide information on R/C model sailplanes, flying sites and activities in Hong Kong
Model Sailplane Sites R/C Soaring in Australia
My name is Ian. I've been flying gliders since 1981, powered aircraft since the early 90's and choppers since 1997. However slope soaring aerobatics is my passion. I usually fly my gliders off the cliffs at Flinders (see photo), which is located on the Mornington Peninsula, about one and a half hours South of Melbourne.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Spitfire I was looking for a Spitfire project to build. I chose the Pica 1/6 Spitfire IX for a couple of reasons.
Model Airplane Sites R/C Tips Mailing List The R/C Tips Mailing List is an email list just for R/Cers.
Model Car Sites R/C Track Side A new and growing webpage for the R/C car fan! This page centers around On, Off, Nitro, and Electric... But mostly Nitro:)
Model Car Sites R/C Unlimited This is a page devoted to the most entertaining thing you can do with some plastic, aluminum, rubber, carbon-composit....and so on, RADIO CONTROLLED CARS!
Model Car Sites R/C Update General information about R/C Cars & Trucks
Model Car Sites R/C Vehicles Up to date articles, product reviews, bulletin boards, live chat, links and more is what you'll find at the RC Vehicles site.
Model Car Sites R/C Webring C Car WebRing is a website dedicated to enjoying Radio Control Cars. Having fun racing RC Cars. Showing some of my RC Car pics. Bringing together other RC Car related website. This page is ideal for any hobbyist or RC Car enthusiast.
Model Helicopter Sites R/C World
Model Helicopter Sites R/C airplanes and helicopters in Massachusetts
Lancaster, MA
Photos of my models, videos, tips, reviews, and links to other good sites
Model Car Sites R/ This is a R/C Cars ONLY Search Engine. If you are looking for something particular for R/C, this is the #1 search engine you should use.
Model Airplane Sites R/CeFlyer A webpage devoted to Electric Powered Model Aircraft
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites R/Crazy Welcome to my page dedicated to radio controlled models. I spend most of my free time building and flying R/C airplanes as well as fooling around with the R/C cars/trucks.
Model Car Sites RC - A Family Hobby
We have decided to build this web site so we can share our hobby of electric Radio Control Cars. Myself and eldest son have quite a collection between us.
Model Airplane Sites RC Airplane World
Offers information and advice on choosing, buying and flying radio control model aircraft.
Model Airplane Sites RC Area 51, RC Planes and AMA Info, Hobby Shops
Broadalbin, NY
RC information and hobby shops, radio control planes, cars, boats and trucks. RC Area 51 has pictures and stories, fun for every one and AMA information, also the famous Area51 shopping mall
Model Airplane Sites RC Buzz - RC Airplanes, Helicopter and Cars
Reviews, photos, videos and discussion forum
Model Car Sites RC Car Fun
Offers great tips for buying, building, and racing rc cars and trucks.
Model Car Sites RC Car Talk - Remote Control Cars And Nitro Trucks
Starkville, MS
RC Car Talk is the complete guide to electric and nitro gas powered rc cars and trucks with hot tips for buying, building, tuning and racing.
Model Car Sites RC Car Tips
Free weekly newsletter and ebook about the hobby of electric and nitro powered rc cars.
Model Car Sites RC Car and Truck Guide --
N.y., NY --Extensive guide to learning to how to fly Radio Control Plane,Helicopter,and Jet.Tips on Choosing, Buying, Tuning, and Racing Remote Control Cars and Trucks.Best Info on where to buy radio controlled Car,Truck,Boat & Airplane.
Model Car Sites RC Cars Now
Online resource for all things RC - whether your interest lies in remote control cars, boats, planes, helicopters and more.
Model Airplane Sites RC Hangar Flying, The World Center for
Boise, ID
Site was created to provide interesting photos of both full-size and RC model airplanes(mostly scale). Also to share some of the ideas and projects I have developed, and to make available a list of related websites. I endeavor to update the site with fresh material periodically.
Model Helicopter Sites RC Helicopter Web
This site contains very detailed info on learning to fly remote controlled helicopters and a lot of information on starting the RC helicopter flying hobby.
Model Airplane Sites RC Plane-Planes Guide-Helicopter-Helicopters Talk
Duluth, GA
Extensive guide to learning to how to fly and how to select your first rc plane,helicopter,jet,car,truck,and boat . An informative general rc site,good for reviews , How To, and sources of value priced RC products of any type !
Model Car Sites RC Racing Page
Touringcars in the KEIL-DTM-Raceseries-Race Results, Pictures and more...
Model Boating Sites RC Sailboat - PT
General information on RC sailboats in Portugal
Model Airplane Sites RC Scale Homebuilts
Las Vegas, NV,
For the scratch builder looking for something different to build and fly. RC Homebuilts include quarter scale and larger Corbin Baby Ace, Spacwalker, Steen Skybolt, J-3 Super Kitten, and Rans S-10 Dakota. Plans and acc. available.
Model Submarine Sites RC Scale Model Submarines & Warships
Personal site docuementing submarines & warships built by myself & members of Norwich Model Boat Club, including some build / conversion information.
Model Submarine Sites RC Submarines
Roswell, NM
The model friend interested in modern Russian submarines, DSRV's, and RC submarine model technology in general, should feel right at home here at SubConcepts. The main focus is the Russian Typhoon Class (Project 941) which is the largest built submarine in the world and DSRV's of the USA and various countries.
Model Car Sites RC Trucks & RC Monster Trucks
News & Reviews of the best RC trucks available today and advice on where to buy them online.
Model Car Sites RC Xotic
1/10 Scale Touring Rc Cars information Center
Model Car Sites RC cars and trucks
Eldon, MO
Site devoted to RC and related hobbies. Personal and submitted pics of RC related projects. Links, pics, glossary, tips, downloads. New, but always expanding.
Model Airplane Sites RC-Aviation
Westerville, OH
The purpose of this site is to share our experiences in Radio Control Aviation and devoted to the fun and learning of flying R/C planes.
Model Airplane Sites RCHQ (Radio Control Head Quarters)
Radio Controlled Airplane Fanatics, discuss, brag or ask questions re the greatest hobby you can have
Model Airplane Sites RCMPorto - Aeromodeling in Portugal
Porto Portugal,
Aeromodeling in Portugal. Airplanes, helis, sailplanes and indoor.
Model Car Sites RCofBC
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Online portal for Canadian RC car entusiasts living in BC.
Model Car Sites ROBBOBS Devoted to R/C pancar racing in Connecticut
Model Car Sites Race America Timing Products and Development Services
Model Car Sites Racerboom's Page I am Racerboom and these pages are dedicated to my hobbies and other things alike.
Model Boating Sites Racing Basics This guide is a detailed introduction to the sport of sailboat racing. It focuses particularly on intercollegiate racing in dinghies, such as the FJ and the Laser. However, the ideas can be applied to other boats, including keelboats, windsurfers, and iceboats.
Model Car Sites Rad R/C Racing There's nothing more fun than the smell, sounds, or big air of blasting a nitro powered beast over a giant set of doubles, or the incredible speed of slamming a sprint car with a nine turn and a seven cell pack into a massive sideways power slide on dusty pavement...rrr Rrr RRR!!!!!!! Yeah, this is fun, I'm hooked again.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Aircraft home page from Malta I have great pics to show Keep in touch and visit this page often for some interesting features and links on our hobby.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Airplanes
 Model airplanes need lots of room to maneuver. Our club has two flying fields. The first, Kroeger Field, is located in Scott County Park, north of Davenport on Highway 61. The field entrance is approximately 1/4 mile east of the main entrance to the park and has paved runways, covered shelter, and rest room facilities on site. The second field is located at the northwest corner of Seven Cities Sod Farm. The farm is located off highway 130 north of Interstate 80.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Airplanes A most rewarding and enjoyable hobby with no limits to the skills one can develop both in building and flying. My planes are generally 5 to 6 foot wingspan with engines ranging from 6.5 to 15cc (.40 to .90 cubic inches).
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Airplanes
Iowa City,
Welcome to the Iowa City AEROHAWK Web Site
Model Boating Sites Radio Control Boat Modelling Personal boat page from Yugoslavia
Model Car Sites Radio Control Cyberzone This website provides useful information and links regarding R/C cars and trucks.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Electric Power
Clearwater, FL
All phases of electric powered airplanes, plans, parts, links and information.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Flying
Hamilton, NJ
Radio Control Flying,Schwing RC-Exclusive Distributor of RC OUTLAW Magazine!
Model Sailplane Sites Radio Control Glider Page R/C Gliding is a hobby you can enjoy all year round. In rainy days you stay home building. When weather conditions permit you will enjoy going out flying and landing your master-piece.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Parachuting One of my hobbies is flying Radio Control (RC) model airplanes. But my main interest is RC parachuting.
Model Airplane Sites Radio Control Planes
Irvington, AL
This site deals with mainly with things that happen at Azalea City Model Aeronautics club in Irvington, Alabama. Also the places I go with my brother such as flying fields, hobby shops, etc.
Model Boating Sites Radio Control Projects
Radio Control devices for the amateur constructor - Projects to ease and expand the control of models - also make your own RC test equipment.
Model Boating Sites Radio Controlled Electric Boat Reviews
Kingston, Ontario
Various reviews of electric boat kits that I have built and
Model Helicopter Sites Radio Controlled Model Helicopters This page is dedicated to US Army Major Rhonda Cornum. Major Cornum is a helicopter driver and army flight surgeon. During the Gulf War, she was shot down over enemy territory and was captured.
Model Car Sites Radio Controlled Rocket Cars
All about radio controlled rocket cars. Pictures and information about r/c rocket cars.
Model Helicopter Sites Ramo Modelhelicopter Pages
Budapest, HUNGARY
Model helicopter site in hungarian language, I hope it will translate in english soon. Here you can see the first successful flight of coaxial2004 modelhelicopter.
Model Airplane Sites Ray Smith R/C C.F.I. My name is Ray Smith and I am an Aeronautical Engineer, a certificated teacher in California, and an R/C Model Airplane Flight Instructor.
Model Car Sites Rc
Renton, WA
This community is for anything related to rc. Cars, boats, planes, batteries, setups or whatever you want. It is free and anyone can join.
Model Airplane Sites Rc Fliers Of Venice
Venice, FL
Model Helicopter Sites Rc Helicopter Web
This site contains very detailed info on learning to fly remote controlled helicopters and a lot of information on starting the RC helicopter flying hobby.
Model Car Sites RcRacerman's Webpage
Model Boating Sites Rcboatpics
St. Paul, MN
Gas powered r/c boat picture and video gallery.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Remote Control
Remote Control Toys
Model Car Sites Rich's R/C Truck Page Here you will find information about the racing scene where I live, information about my own personal truck, and some pictures of my truck.
Model Airplane Sites Rick's R/C Aircraft Page Lets start at the beginning this is my hide out where I go to get away from the Kids and the wife
Model Car Sites Rio de Janeiro Model Car Club The Rio de Janeiro Model Car Club is an informal organization. No taxes or dues to pay. If you are a plastic model car builder you are already a member.
Model Railroading Sites Rob Guzzon's Model Railroading Page
Royersford, PA
A nice page with good links and the home of the Tinyville Railroad.
Model Rocket Sites Rocket Cars
Rockets and cars combined
Model Rocket Sites Rocketman Graphical site about high powered rocketry
Model Rocket Sites Rocketry Basics So, you want to know more about model rocketry, huh?
Model Rocket Sites Rocketry Online Rocketry Online is devoted to making available the most up-to-date information about the hobbies of model, high power and amateur rocketry
Model Rocket Sites Rockets Down Under This home page is dedicated to the hobby and sport of flying High Power Rockets in Australia.
Model Rocket Sites Rockets and Airplanes 4-H PINNET (Project INformation Network) is a service of Ohio State University Extension in cooperation with the North Central Region Educational Materials Project. This database contains a listing of all 4-H project materials utilized in the 12 state North Central Region and is updated on a semi-annual basis.
Model Rocket Sites Rockets! Model, High Power Photo's and Photo's of the real stuff.
Model Airplane Sites Rolf's Web-bytes
I'm 25 y/o and from Bergen. That makes me a Norwegian. (You know, those barbarians who are killing the sweet seals, and the intelligent whales! :)
Model Car Sites Ron's R/C Car Pictures The ultimate picture site for r/c car, r/c truck, or any other r/c creation with wheels. Send in a photo of your r/c vehicle and I will post them until my server is full.
Model Airplane Sites Ron's R/C Home Page This site is dedicated to my R/C airplane projects. Each of the planes below is an airplane that I built from my own plans. Links to plans and kits of these planes.
Model Airplane Sites Ron's RC Aircraft Novice Help Page Includes some beginners information, Northern New Jersey Clubs and flying sites and a little indoor stuff too.
Modeling Related Software Ron's Software Page. Here it is, the long awaited RC flight simulator, FlyRC., should work well on 486-dx2 class machines and better.
Model Helicopter Sites RotorWash
A model helicopter site dedicated to flyers in Scotland. Our aim is to bring together flyers from all over Scotland.
Model Boating Sites Rum Runner Racing
Hoemstead, FL
South Florida's High Speed Electric Boat Racing Team
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Runner Time
High Perfromance Stuff! Competition fuels, special oils, additives, special spray, paints, glue. All stuffs are manufactured in Italy.
Model Airplane Sites Ryans R/C C/L site
Carthage,, MO
very colorful lots of pictures,tips,ideas,links
Model Railroading Sites S. Berliner, III's Model Railroad Page The BERLINERWERKE SAGA, the story of the HO Berlinerwerke pike, is on this site. The Z-scale pike story will appear shortly.
Model Rocket Sites STAAR Research - The Scottish Rocket Programme Space Technology Applications, Astronomy & Rocket Research
Model Airplane Sites Samsrc
Toronto, Ontario
A personal RC web site made to share modeling information around the world.
Model Car Sites Santa Paula R/C Club Santa Paula R/C Club es una Asociaci¢n Civil sin fines de lucro, cuyo objetivo es la direcci¢n, fomento, desarrollo, organizaci¢n y celebraci¢n de competencias de Carros a Escala y a Control Remoto con fines recreacionales, as¡ como tambi‚n el intercambio de competencias entre Clubes a nivel estatal, regional, nacional o internacional.
Model Airplane Sites Sarawak R/C HobbyCrafts Association
Location Unknown
Fun Fly! Fun Fly! Fun Fly! That's the reason for this club's existence...
Model Car Sites Scale Auto Racers of America Mid-Atlantic Championship Information
Model Helicopter Sites Scale Model Helicopters
Rocky Point, NY
Detailed documentary style website of the construction of a super scale Bell 407. Picture Gallery, Builders forum on guestbook page, And links page.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Scale Modeling Pages The Scale Modeling Pages cover all kinds of model building. Whether it's model trains, planes, cars or ships, you'll find it here. It doesn't matter what scale you model in, or whether the models are to any specific scale or not.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Scale Models Personal site dedicted to Scale Modeling
Model Airplane Sites Scenic RC Flyers
Statham, GA
AMA-chartered club that serves Georgia communities North East of Atlanta.
Model Airplane Sites Scott Cannon's Model Airplane Page Personal Model Airplane Page
Modeling Related Software Scott's Model Railroad Stuff SBRail is a ScreenSaver for Windows-95 with DirectDraw support. Your system must have DirectDraw installed for this ScreenSaver to work.
Model Airplane Sites Scott's R/C Page
Yukon, OK
Radio control model airplanes Pics, Links, weather and more
Model Submarine Sites Scratch built, hi-tech Nautilus.
Log of the scratch building of a sophisticated Disney Naultilus from the film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
Model Boating Sites Seismic Racing
Southern California
Seismic Racing is a team developing a program to break into Radio Controlled boat racing in 1999. The team's current plans are to enter two boats in the NAMBA "B" Outboard Rookie Class with Chris Wittrig and Jim Johnson driving..
Model Car Sites Seth's Pit Tips And Paint Job Help Page
Model Boating Sites Shark Racing Team
Cabo Frio, BRAZIL
R/C boating, gas boats, how to, tips, pictures, assembling a boat, from hull to electronics, hoping up engines, engines diagramans.English and Portuguese language
Model Rocket Sites Shawn's Rocket Page This page is designed to give people some knowledge of Model Rockets and the Space Shuttle.
Model Helicopter Sites Shuttle ZXX Web Page This Site is maintained for Beginners and Advancing flyers. Questions and Submissions are welcomed. ALL Shuttles (Z, ZX, ZXX) are included.
Model Airplane Sites Simple Plastic Airplane Design (SPAD)
Wichita, KS
Its a list of FREE coroplast and gutter pipe R/C airplane plans that work! And links to other "SPAD" owners/builders/forums. A must see web site.
Model Railroading Sites Site van Bram Demoed
The site is a mix of modeltrains and modeltrucks
Model Airplane Sites Skyray Welcome To my home page of aeromodelling!! I hope that you can find out a little more about the world of remote control aeroplanes when you visit this site.
Model Boating Sites Slikcraft R/C Power Cats Welcome to the world of model powerboat catamarans
Slot Car Sites Slot Car Bibliography A Partial List of Books on Slot Car Racing compiled from the Library of Congress by Landry Butler
Slot Car Sites Slot Car Central Where 10s of 1000s of HOs Reside
Model Car Sites Slot Link Pesonal collection of Slot Car Links
Model Airplane Sites Slow Joe's R/C Airplane Web Site My name is Joe Colletti, and I'd like to welcome you to my R/C Airplane Web Site! Browse around and check out what we're up to down here in the South
Model Airplane Sites Smokin' Joe's Model Airplane Page
Canton, PA
Personal model airplane page with pictures and basic aeronautics information.
Model Sailplane Sites Soaring Tools
Model Boating Sites Sorens modelboat page
Model boats, tools and electronic. Electric modelplanes
Model Airplane Sites Stephen Galea's R/C Model Aircraft Homepage I have been modelling for 17 years now , in this page I will show you some of my efforts from past years along with my current projects
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Steve's Aerial Photography Page
Wollongong, AUSTRALIA
This personal site displays the results of various aerial photography experiments using small radio-controlled model aircraft. The author is based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Model Boating Sites Steve's Homepage Pictures and Information about R/C Boating
Model Car Sites Steve's R/C Home Page On this site you will find a lot of documents referring to r/c cars.
Model Airplane Sites Sun Parlor R/C Flyers Inc.
Windsor, Ontario
Mainly photos taken at our flying field in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Model Helicopter Sites Survey-Copter Personal site about R/C Helicopters and aerial photagraphy (English & French)
Model Airplane Sites Swallow Field
Ames, IA
Dennis Goodrich's personnal website, dedicated to model aviation and the Central Iowa Aeromodelers
Model Airplane Sites Swamp Creek Radio Control Modelers
Gil bertsville, PA
The old Spring Meadows Club in Frederick, PA has moved to 3179 Reifsnyder Rd in Gilbertsville, PA and changed the club name to Swamp Creek Radio Control Modelers. This is the same club that was founded by Mark Patrizi. The club now enjoys a flying site located in the Swamp Creek Park facility sponsored by the New Hanover Township authority.
Model Car Sites System Bloodclod Here you will find all sorts of information regarding radio controlled monster trucks! There will be pictures and notes of my own monsters - especially my ESP Clodzilla IV and Tamiya Wild Dagger.
Model Car Sites T-Maxx Traxxas RC Nitro truck - Review Guide
Review and guide to building a nice Traxxas T-Maxx capable of racing and bashing with the big dogs for under $1500.
Model Car Sites TEAM TWF8 (The World Finest 1:8 scale buggy page)
The world finest page only dedicated to 1:8 scale off-road cars. Indept reviews and test of cars, engines and much more.
Model Railroading Sites TallMan's Model Rocket Shop Model Rockets in Denmark
Model Car Sites Tamiya M-chassis Car Due to a lack of Specific pages devoted to these cars, I decided to make one. Mini's, such as the Mini Cooper and Porsche 911 Carrera, are the entry level 1/10 scale cars Tamiya makes.
Model Boating Sites Taylor's R/C Boatyard
Columbus, OH
R/C sailboat building projects, currently building a Robbe Valdivia Schooner. Past projects include a Robbe Atlantis and a Goodspeed 42.
Model Car Sites Team Death Racing Very unusual concept in R/C Car pages.
Model Car Sites Team Lawton Racing
Lawton, OK
Lawton is a city in southern Oklahoma and we are a group of almost a dozen, that races RC cars.....
Model Car Sites Team Lesac The latest reviews and previews, on your favorite R/C cars, trucks, and accessories.
Model Car Sites Team Metro Team Metro, formerly Metro Motorsports, R/C racing team was officially founded in Fall of 1997, the original members included Jim, Mike, Dan, Ed, and Rob.
Model Car Sites Team R/C Rodder We are team of racers, drivers and all around R/C enthusiasts. Team R/C Rodder was founded by Shawn Kelley and Tom Knight. And brought about because of R/C Rodder magazine. We have members world wide who are willing to help all who are interested in the hobby itself.
Model Car Sites Team SMP Site about Touringcars (Street Weapon, RS4, TA03...) with pics, links and more. It's written in German and English.
Model Airplane Sites Team Tracon
Gibsons, British Columbia
Personal RC Electric plane website, featuring GWS planes, Beavers, Formosa, Mustang, E-Starter and Wattage 400 J3 Cub. Float planes, tips tricks and other mods.
Model Car Sites Team Yan Racing
Drivers, start your engines! And welcome to Team Yan Racing's homepage on the Internet. This Team was established on 26th April 1998.
Model Airplane Sites Team Ziev R/C Cars Setups and pics of the best cars threw the last years; Losi XX4 and XX-CR, Asso B2, Yokomo YZ-10 , Schumacher CAT-2000 and Firebalde, Predator
Model Car Sites Team underground Racing I have been racing for over ten years, and I try to support R/C racing in a professional manner.
Model Airplane Sites Terry's R/C Flying Page Welcome to a new hobby of mine. As I progress with this venture, I will add to this page. I have just recently aquired my first ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) Plane.
Model Railroading Sites Terry's Train Trax Supporting Train Clubs for hobbiests and enthusiasts in Rotorua, New Zealand.Includes a Links Page to other Train pages all over the world as well as a What's On Page about Train events in the Rotorua area.
Model Airplane Sites TexAcoon's Model Aircraft Web Page
Vacherie, LA
List of various Hobby Shops, Model Aircraft Associations , Interesting Links, Model Wife, TexAcoon's Aircraft, Classified Buy/Sell/Trade
Model Airplane Sites Texoma R/C Modelers
Are you interested in R/C airplanes, but the only thing holding you back is the fear of crashing? As a member of the Texoma R/C Modelers you can learn how to fly that beautiful airplane safely. Our club instructors are friendly and will work with you on a personal level to make sure YOU learn how to fly.
Model Boating Sites The Boat House
Maumee, OH
Gas Boats, Homelite Engines, Engine Tips, Prop information
Model Railroading Sites The Classic Train Set - Hornby Dublo 1938 -1964 The layout is a Hornby Dublo 3-rail system. The layout is designed to replicate dealer demonstration layouts in a quality manner. It is a solid table top system in the style of dealer demonstration layouts I remember seeing in toy shops during the late 1950s, early 1960s and shown in published photographs.
Model Airplane Sites The Cockpit This page is dedicated to both R/C and Full Scale Aviation. I've always been fascinated with aviation and have flown R/C now for over 5 years.
Model Airplane Sites The Durachko Home Page
Bellefonte, PA
A personal web page including a section on R/C combat, helicopters, and links to other R/C related stuff. Directions to our private field, a link to the local club field, info on SPAD's for combat, Ace Raptor 30, etc. Located in central Pennsylvania.
Model Airplane Sites The Freelance Flyer
United Kingdom
The Freelance Flyers site is about R/C waterplanes and model kits from Original Kits - It also features some of the promotional products that the webmaster is involved with.
Model Airplane Sites The Hawker Tempest Page
Hawker Tempest page with a special RC-page about models
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites The Hobby Connection General Information and Links on modeling.
Model Railroading Sites The Inyo & White Mountain Railroad A Tiny World in 1:87 Scale Created by Jeffrey Sipress
Model Airplane Sites The Lazy Bee Internetpage
The Lazy Bee from Andy Clancy, an interesting r/c model
Model Railroading Sites The Long Island Trains Webring
Lindenhurst, NY
This is a site which connects many websites of train and model trains and hobby stores on Long Island.
Model Submarine Sites The Nautilus Drydocks
Edmonton, Alberta
Site chronicling the construction of a 1/32 scale fully functional replica of Captain Nemo's famous submarine boat, as envisioned by the Walt Disney company.
Model Car Sites The R/C Zone
A huge r/c site full of all kinds of awsome stuff. Its great for everyone!!!! Its huge so you just have to see it!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Model Car Sites The Rc Zone Web Site
A huge rc web site with pictures, videos, reviews, info, links, articles and much more! Very big and tons of stuff, a site you dont want to miss
Model Helicopter Sites The Site For Electric Helicopter Freaks
electric helicopters - large and small ones,kits and homemade. tips and tricks, conversions, workshop with heli projects, planes and slowflyers and other useful rc stuff.
Model Railroading Sites The Toy Train Page It doesn't matter whether you have trains to run on a layout, or like myself, think of them as little works of art, and hang them on the wall.
Model Boating Sites The Wolf's Den This is the home of the 1/144th scale U.S.S. Tennessee(BB-43), the greatest Battleship created by man.
Model Railroading Sites This is the train room. Information and even a little philosophy on modeling trains realistically--and in N-scale.
Model Airplane Sites Thrasher Central Rules for Thrashing Conduct. First, you must perform stunts that most people would not dare to do. For example - roll and inverted flight low pass, high speed touch and gos, flat spins, combat, flying between trees, etc. Aside from the above, there are none!!!
Model Car Sites Thunder Alley R/c Speedway
Wilson, NC
Cool web page and a link to there store. They race 1/8th 1/10th 1/18th scale cars and truck also have a indoor track
Model Car Sites Tim's Place This page contains photos of my R/C cars, the R/C tracks I frequent, racers at those tracks, and items I have airbrushed.
Model Helicopter Sites Tims World of R/C
Everett, WA
Pictures of my helicopters, and local funflys that I attend. Also information about my club "Cascade Model Helicopter Club"
Model Car Sites Tips and Reviews on RC Cars
Reviews and tips on rc cars and accessories
Model Car Sites Tmaxximus
Great new Uk maxx site, reviews, pics, videos, members area.
Model Car Sites Todd Day's Competition Plus R/C Car Page I am an East Coast contributing editor to Competition Plus magazine and a R/C car racing enthusiast. I am partial to Oval racing, but working for CP has exposed me to everything R/C, from cars to boats to planes.
Model Airplane Sites Todd's Models
Bellevue, WA
Indoor and Micro R/C airplanes. Now you can fly in your front yard.
Model Airplane Sites
It is a personal site but broken into personal interest sections,headed with his modelflying section.
Model Airplane Sites Top Gun 96 These pictures were taken at the recent "Top Gun" contest held at the West Palm Beach Polo Club.
Model Boating Sites Towboat Joe's Unusual site about model Western Rivers Workboats
Model Car Sites Track and Directory Schedules A listing of the tracks I know of by state with click on web page links
Model Railroading Sites TraiNutz Andy Romano welcomes you to The World's Greatest Hobby! This is one train lover's page, created for other train lovers.
Model Railroading Sites TrainLink Home Page The TrainLink site is becoming a major repository for any and all things to do with Railways, Tramways and Model Railways in Australia and New Zealand.
Model Railroading Sites TrainWeb Model Railroading Information and photographs relating to model railroading, including extensive links to other model train resources on the web.
Model Railroading Sites Trainguy's Large Scale Trains aka Terror Trestle
Eugene, OR
G-scale trains running over a 70' long x 8' high trestle. Page includes scratchbuilding styrene logger shacks and how trestle was built. More pics posted:
Model Airplane Sites Trans Pecos R/C Flight Center If you haven't tried R/C Flying out, you don't know what you are missing. This is the most fun I have ever had doing anything legal!
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites Troy's R/C Webpages Planes, Boats, Cars, Trains, etc.
Model Car Sites Ultimate R/C Experience Link Page FAQ Page Soldering Tips Drag racing page Clod page Message Board
Model Car Sites Uncle Joe's R/C World Of Indiana R/C World of Indiana is one of the premier radio controlled off-road racing tracks in the Midwest. We feature racing in a variety of scales and classes.
Model Airplane Sites Uncle Willies plans page
Hudson, FL
A large selection of GREAT plans for the Quality & Price conscience model airplane builder.
Model Airplane Sites Vacuum Bagging The technique of vacuum bagging is used to construct foam core wings, either with a wet layup of fiberglass cloth and resin or to apply a wood veneer skin. Both practices use the same principal: enclose the wing in an airtight "bag", then remove the air from within the bag allowing atmospheric pressure to hold the wing skin against the core while the adhesive cures.
Model Car Sites Vader's R/C Formula-1 Initial F1 setup, Performance setup, Tire choice, etc
Model Car Sites Viper's R/C Cars Hey there R/C fans im Viper and I am somewhat new to this hobby although I have used cars for about 7 years I am on my first real car. A Team Losi XX-CR Kinwald Edition.
Model Car Sites Virtual-Car
San Diego, CA
Drive a real tyco 4x4 rebound via the net with live streaming video!
Model Airplane Sites
Toronto, Ontario
Radio Control Aerial Photography and Video featuring the F27 Stryker, Parkzone's Flying Wing and Rockets and other types of flying objects.
Model Airplane Sites Vlado's home page
Home page with two section: 3D design and RC aircraft.
Model Boating Sites Warship Models Underway
A site for the builder of large scale, radio control warships. Features galleries, how-to pages and message board.
Model Airplane Sites Wayfarers - Watford Model Flying Club
Seneca, SC 29678, SC
Sorry, we've moved to a new server.
Model Helicopter Sites West Australian Radio Modellers' Society
WARMS could probably claim to be one of the oldest radio control miniature aircraft clubs in Australia. It all started in 1958 and became an Incorporated body on 25th January 1971. The Club moved from Gibbs Road Jandakot, where it flew for 18 years, to its new site a Henderson in August 1987.
Model Sailplane Sites West Coast Slopeing This site is dedicated to slope soaring in all its forms. Here you will find pages of slope information compiled by myself and other sloper's.
Model Railroading Sites West Jersey & Camden Railroad The HO Scale Model Railroad by Mark Orthner
Model Rocket Sites Whitespace Rocketry
Promoting Aerospace Education via Rocketry in Australia for the long term good of the Australian Space Industry.
Model Car Sites Wildcat's Prome 12 This site is dedicated to the mugen seiki prime 12 touring car.
Model Airplane Sites Wildside Rc
Williston, FL
A demo team out of Florida that is sponcered by FTE,Zap that is a half time preformer at top gun 2005,2006
Model Airplane Sites Winginit
Lake Havasu City, AR
This site is the home of a Desert Hawk, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Pictures and fliers for up and coming events held in the area. Featured are pictures of pilots and planes from the Desert Hawks, Havasu Sport Flyers and the Colorado River Airplane Pilots Society.
Model Airplane Sites Winginit
Lake Havasu City, AZ
R/C Airplane site with pictures of airplanes, flying fields and club members. Events of the Desert Hawks located in Lake Havasu, AZ. Information and reviews of R/C equipment and components. Hobby links and club links.London Bridge Seaplane Classic link.
Model Airplane Sites Winship Models
Plainfield, IN
CHECK US OUT for control line aerobatic hardware, building tips concerning high performance composites, moldmaking, construction techniques and pictures.
Model Airplane Sites Winship Models Radio Control
Plainfield, IN
Radio Control Modeling In The Central Indiana Area. Building tips, club events of surrounding areas.
Model Airplane Sites World of Radio Control Airplanes Looking For A Great Source of R/C Airplane Info? Well Then You Have Come to the Right Place!
Model Car Sites
R/C cars,boats,planes
Model Airplane Sites Wright Flyer Downunder
Scratch built project of the Famous Wright Flyer to commemorate the Centenary. Built from original Smithsonian chart, scale flown to the distance, to the day, almost to the hour!
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites
Washington DC, VA
Radio control model tank combat using infrared laser tag systems.
Model Airplane Sites X-15 R/C Model This radio controlled model of the X-15 is being designed (with the help of Tom, John, and Bruce) and built by Alex (me). It has been designed for an attempt at breaking the r/c model speed record which is currently 255.4 MPH.
Model Boating Sites Xtreme R/C Boats Welcome to the Xtreme R/C Boats Homepage, we are 3 guys living in the Netherlands. Our boating area is at the Twente kanaal near Enschede.
Model Airplane Sites aeromodelisme et warbirds
Presentation de warbirds et de l'aeromodelisme, liste des clubs, revues, et magasins francais, realisation d'une machine a commande numerique pour la decoupe d'ailes...
Model Car Sites cegerer's 1:43 Diecast Website
Dedicated to 1:43 diecast models of F1, LeMans, GT racing cars. Minichamps, Onyx, VC Models, Quartzo, etc. Latest news and info.
Modeling Related Software eModelo I have a lot of free software for Electric Airplanes on my Download Area. There is my program (Spanish and English) An lisis de Modelos v 1.0 and others too.
Miscellaneous Modeling Sites
Los Angeles, CA
Product Reviews and offers not to miss. Features review on latest Wattage Cub from myself. I bought it, experienced it, and created an online review.
Model Car Sites - RC video online
See video of onroad radio controlled cars.
Model Car Sites lVlr. 69's R/C Trucks & Racing Links Here are pics and specs of my R/C trucks click thumbnail for pics and info or click a picture on the 3D Java Cube then double-click that picture to see info open in new window!
Model Car Sites Ever happened by a parking lot where miniature radio control, gas powered cars are screaming down the blacktop at unreal speeds and wondered, "How do I get into this?"
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