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Hobby Manufacturers Advanced Micro Turbines
Advanced Micro Turbines designs, develops and manufactures small gas turbines for the propulsion of radio-controlled flying aircraft. Studies are also undertaken to put our turbines in other applications like auxiliary power units and remote heat and power generators.
Hobby Manufacturers Air Hobbies Manufacturer of complete giant scale engines, components, and service.
Hobby Manufacturers Alterscale Miniature Outboards Homepage Ultrascale is proud to announce its Official, Trademark-Authorized all-new casting of the Evinrude and Johnson V-8 High Performance outboards! The largest outboards ever made! Available Soon (in the K&O scale)!
Hobby Manufacturers Aviastar model engines
Hong Kong, CHINA
Fine glow engines designed for large scale flying models.
Hobby Manufacturers BME BME-Manufacturer of super light weight, hi-performance gas motors developed for IMAC and 3D aerobatic competition.
Hobby Manufacturers Baird Micro Turbines
Cape Town, South Africa
BMT is committed to the manufacture of high quality micro turbines for model aircraft enthusiasts all over the world. With aeromodeling experience of more than 30 years we can offer the best performance technology can offer at prices that cannot be beat.
Hobby Manufacturers C.H. Ignitions
The oldest and leading manufacturer of ignition systems for R/C Model Aircraft
Hobby Manufacturers Cline and Associates Cline & Associates maker of proportional control fuel systems(regulators),custom engine repair & mods(i.e. will convert gas to glow and vice-versa) and now the new exclusive US distributor for Tartan engines and parts.
Hobby Manufacturers Conley Precision Engines, Inc. Conley Precision offers the most incredible 1/4 scale Radio Controlled V-8 engine available.
Czech model engines
New book about old Czech model engines. Nearly 300 model engines are described in detail in 160 pages.In the book you can find over 800 detailed photographs and drawings of some engines with historical documents, e.g. advertisements and articles from magazines. Format of the book is A4 printed out on chalk paper in paperback cover.
Tucson, AZ
Motors,giant scale planes, giant scale accescoeries
Hobby Manufacturers Erickson Motors
Fort Wayne, IN
Model aircraft engines: 1.20 & 2.00 cu. in.
Hobby Manufacturers First Place Engines
Greenville, PA
Manufacturer of large scale gasoline R/C airplane engines.
Personal Hobby Sites Flite Line Solutions
Vancouver, British Columbia
Information, publications and custom parts for FOX RC engines.
Hobby Manufacturers Fox Manufacturing Co.
Fort Smith, AK
Fox Mfg. has been a leading manufacturer of model airplane engines, glow plugs and accessories for over 50 years.
Hobby Manufacturers GCBM R/C Models Inc.
Pasadena, TX
GCBM R/C Models Inc. manufactures a high quality 25cc gas engine specifically designed for 1/5th and 1/4 scale models. GCBM R/C Models Inc. also offers an Estate and Hobby Shop buy out service, and can pick up nation wide.
Hobby Manufacturers J&A Engineering Manufacturer of Giant-Scale Engines
Hobby Manufacturers JAG Engines
Hesperia, CA
Formost source for Ryobi weedeater engine conversions including motor mounts and mufflers. Order online.
Hobby Manufacturers Jett Engineering Inc.
Houston, TX
Manufacturer of high quality R/C sport engines, racing engines, performance exhaust systems and accessories
Hobby Resellers Just Engines
United Kingdom
Engines, (spares) and all kinds of engine accessories; Silencers, In-cowl silencers, Manifolds, Tuned Pipes (mini, baffled, full length, torque etc..). Specialists in Irvine, Jett, Moki and MVVS (plus pretty good at all the other leading makes!!). R/C, C/L and F/F provided for.
Hobby Manufacturers Lightning Aircraft Engines
Cleburne, TX
Hobby Manufacturers Macs Mufflers High-performance exhaust systems and accessories. Current online brochure, price list, and tuning information.
Hobby Manufacturers Magnum R/C Engines & Accessories Magnum Manufactures the highest quality R/C engine that you can buy at any price!
Hobby Manufacturers Mathe Engines People and technology for R/C gas racing engines since 1980.
Personal Hobby Sites Model Jet Engines first started working on small Gas Turbines back in 1995. The very first engine I built was based on the Schreckling FD3, but I fiited a 67mm turbine wheel to increase mass flow.
Hobby Buy-Sell Sites Old Model Airplane Engines Collector has spare engines; Mostly diesel engines: Interested in 2.5 cc to fill in collection.
Hobby Manufacturers Quarter Scale Merlin
San Diego, CA
The Quarter-Scale Merlin is a 25% scale model of the Rolls-Royce Merlin, which powered many of the most famous Warbirds of WWII, including the P-51 Mustang and Spitfire. This engine is intended to fly a 25% scale model of one these planes at scale speed and with scale sound.
Hobby Manufacturers R/C Ignition
Taylor, AZ
We make electronic ignitions for most large 2 cycle gas engines. We also offer repair service for large gas engines
Hobby Manufacturers RB Concept engines
RB Products exclusif designer of RB Concept .15 and .21 high competition racing engines for radio controlled cars 1/10 and 1/8 scale.
Hobby Manufacturers RB Products RB Products is a company situated in Allevard FRANCE and who designs and distributes model racing engines with a cylinder contents of 2.5 and 3.5cc. These engines are used in high competition racing.
Hobby Manufacturers RC Ignition
Williams, AZ
Electronic igntions and repair of engines
Hobby Manufacturers RC Showcase supplier ZDZ Giant Scale Engines
Potomac, MD
RC Showcase is the Americas dealer for ZDZ ModelMotor of the Czech Republic. ZDZ produces Giant Scale Gas Engines from 2.4 ci to 9.8 ci; 1 to four cylinders.
Hobby Manufacturers RCV Engines Ltd Official website
United Kingdom
The official Internet presence of RCV Engines Ltd. Manufacturer of the RCV60 & RCV120 'Rotary cylinder Valve' Engines.
Hobby Buy-Sell Sites SW Distribution
U.K Sole Importer and Distributor for Bolly Clubman Props, Enya Engines and World Model Almost Ready To Fly Kits. Supplying the modellers and model shops in the u.k with quality products.
Hobby Manufacturers Technopower II, Inc.
Chagrin Falls, OH
The Technopower radial, originally based on the Armstrong Siddely Genet Engine of the 1930's era, has taken over 5 years of design and development work, with continuing detail refinement.
Hobby Manufacturers Thunderbolt Glow Plugs The only plugs you can buy with exotic platinum-rhodium alloy coils Thunderbolt elements glow hotter& start engines faster. Simply the best glow plugs you can buy at any price! Made in U.S.A.!
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